Denise is at the centre of the ‘getting things done’ department at Blackhawk. There are various ways to describe Denise: The team’s lynchpin, an administration ‘livewire’, a true project multi-tasker. Basically she’s a bit of an all round super hero.

On the inside:

From her interests, you quickly realise that Denise is one of those people who needs to be active, both in body and in mind. This is a common trait at Blackhawk. As an avid runner, she shares a similar interest in heath and fitness to both Dominika and Shirleen. Tutoring mathematics brings her close to Henry’s interests. Poetry and creating cross-stitch pictures though, are unique at Blackhawk. All of which helps her live up to her ‘livewire’ label. Did we say that as an aside, she’s also studying for a diploma in private investigations? You might find her in the field in years to come.

On the outside:

Process serving, locally and internationally is a core service for Blackhawk with process servers acting across the UK, Europe and internationally. Often complex jobs, time is of the essence and it’s Denise’s job to coordinate and make this happen. Adept at leveraging Blackhawk’s global network of resources and able to reach any agent world-wide at a moments notice, she is instrumental in project execution and offers great assistance to Dominika and Jerry. Naturally, part of her role is to administer Blackhawk’s CRM system and provide administration support to the team. So, rather like an elegant swan, she’s seen to be cruising serenely on the surface, but paddling like crazy below water.

  • +44 (0)20 8108 9317