Benny is Blackhawk’s central intelligence source, he expands and manages Blackhawk’s huge network of investigators, agents, connections and multi-agency contacts.

On the inside:

When he’s not raising money for children’s charities, Benny maintains a fast pace. He loves anything fast on 4 wheels or feet, particularly Formula 1 and ideally around great company and fine food. Benny is passionate about fraud prevention, due diligence and providing a valuable service for his clients.

On the outside: 

His passion is hewn from 30 years in the security industry within government, civil and commercial intelligence across Europe, the US and UK. There’s not much Benny doesn’t know about intelligence gathering and security. He spends his time building and strengthening Blackhawk’s small global army of agents, resources and connections. He’s also Blackhawk’s ‘ethics officer’; a core principle upon which he built Blackhawk in 2005, along with transparency and legal compliance. His passion for speed is only matched by that of efficiency, something that enables Blackhawk to provide a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective service to clients than many rival agencies.

  • +44 (0)20 8108 9317