Avi is Blackhawk’s visionary leader. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience within sales, manufacturing and retail to his credit, Avi understands exactly what risks and threats companies and individuals are exposed to today. His experience brings keen business wisdom, financial guidance and marketing expertise to bear, to both clients and Blackhawk.

On the inside:

He too is passionate about beating fraud. For Avi it’s a case of prevention rather than cure; a philosophy you’ll find deeply embedded in his personal and business life, with education and learning central to this. It’s one reason he loves tinkering with IT and the latest gadgets; both are ways the bad guys can get to you. Avi is a family man in both senses; with the team and at home. When he’s really chilling out, you’ll find him fund raising for kids, playing tennis or trying to figure out how to get round a golf course in an economical number of shots.

On the outside:

Avi is driven by the idea that due diligence is something that many companies can take for granted. But to Avi, that level of complacency has no place in companies that today face a multitude of threats from their operating environment, people and technology. The inspiration he instills in those within Blackhawk naturally extends to its clients. This translates to being passionate about the need for every company to do the necessary due diligence checks and have adequate compliance. The idea that people have a hard time believing one person can make a difference is easy to understand, but where fraud is concerned, Avi believes one person certainly can and for all the wrong reasons.  So, to beat a ‘bad guy’, you need to think like a ‘bad guy’ and the key to that is understanding business systems and the various ways fraud can creep into them.

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