Sectors We Serve

Law firms

Law firms seeking civil or criminal litigations can rely on Blackhawk Intelligence to support their cases discreetly and effectively, including those with multiple jurisdictions. With extensive experience in legal concepts and procedures, our specialist teams in litigation supportdigital forensics, due diligence and corporate investigation services can assist local and international law firms in several ways, including but not limited to analysing and preserving evidence in fraud cases, eDiscovery, due diligence services as well as conducting multinational surveillance and asset tracing.

Financial institutions

The financial institutions operating in today’s global economy are perpetually faced with an ever-increasing range of risks and obstacles. For a financial institution to effectively perform, a deep and thorough understanding of its internal structure needs to be conducted. Blackhawk Intelligence uses extensive investigative and tailored services along with cutting-edge methodology to ascertain any signs of corporate fraud or risks within a financial institution. We also help clients with background checks, internal investigations, as well as providing asset tracing and people tracing services.

Multinational Corporations

Corporate intelligence is central to every business decision. To compete globally, you need unbiased market insights to gain a competitive edge, real-time intelligence to mitigate geopolitical risks, and comprehensive due diligence to verify facts and people, to name but a few. At Blackhawk Intelligence, gathering and analysing intelligence is our strength. Our corporate intelligence teams, based in UK and Israel respectively, are backed by an extensive network of partners across the globe. We speak the local languages and understand any social, cultural and political considerations pertaining to a market, enabling you to gain access to valuable intelligence and use them to make sound business decisions.

High-net-worth individuals

High-net-worth individuals can employ Blackhawk Intelligence’s range of services to look after their interests, both business and personal. By taking a tailored approach to your unique, our expert team covers risk management, digital forensics, financial fraud investigations, due diligence services and personal litigation cases – efficiently safeguarding your privacy and your rights. With divorces between high-net-worth individuals, our forensic accounting team will use both accounting and investigation skills to provide a clear picture on the assets involved, allowing both parties to settle the case quickly and professionally.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of the current business landscape in the UK. One of the challenges faced by these SMEs is fraud, ranging from accounting fraud to digital fraud. Often motivated by personal greed, fraudsters seek to exploit the vulnerabilities of SMEs with the intention to manipulate and make a gain. Through the use of optimal forensic techniques, our digital fraud and financial fraud specialists can help to uncover any wrongdoings and strengthen your case should you choose to proceed with litigation.


With the assistance and guidance of Blackhawk Intelligence’s multi-disciplinary specialists and the implementation of our corporate intelligence services, professionals and C-level executives can trust us to transform their business for the better. By gaining insight into the performance of a company and assessing key opportunities for improvement, any risk of fraud can be prevented down the line, especially in an ever-fluctuating and competitive marketplace.