Employment screening conceptYou must carry out employment screening because of the staggering regularity of fraudulent CVs in the working world.

Dishonesty is everywhere. In the UK, it is said that somewhere between 60% to 80% CVs are peppered with inaccuracies, depending on which research you are looking at. According to the global recruitment site Monster.com, the three most common lies job seekers tell are education embellishments, date deception, and skill stretching. As most candidates believe that they can get away even if they make-up certain facts, companies across the UK are turning to a specialist background checks company like Blackhawk Intelligence to help them vet candidates and reduce job frauds.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, we believe that any candidate armed with a misleading CV has a higher probability of causing your company money, time, reputation damage, or something more sinister. This is why our specialist background checks experts work relentlessly to help companies across the UK with pre-employment screening whereby we seek to verify every fact submitted by the candidate.

Our pre-employment screening services involve:

  • Verifying educational qualifications
  • Verifying employment in the last 10 years
  • Checking for criminal record
  • Analysing any corporate affiliations
  • Conducting a media and internet review
  • Checking for any litigation action
  • Conducting discreet human source enquiries
  • Identifying any political red flags

First thing’s first: what is employment screening?

Employment screening is an indispensable part of the hiring process whereby your HR colleagues and your managers seek to understand the skills, behaviours and qualities of a candidate that are needed to be successful in the role.

In many large corporations, the process of employment screen is handled by a CV screening software to an extent, but ultimately almost all companies still rely on humans to ask the right questions and process feedback before making a decision. Understandably, your HR colleagues and managers will take some time and effort to evaluate candidates. If they are being rushed or if your employment screen process is broken, then it is highly likely it may lead to the hiring (and firing) of fraudulent and incompetent candidates that will ultimately cost the company time, money and damage the brand’s reputation.

What needs to be screened?

Most companies use our expertise on background check to verify a candidate’s:

  • Employment history (with references)
  • Educational history (with references)
  • Criminal history
  • Personal profile (including social media)
  • Proof of identity
  • Residency and employment status
  • Health and wellbeing

In some cases, more sensitive areas are also checked discreetly. For instance, if you are looking for a financial controller, naturally you want to know their financial history, like if they had filed for bankruptcy before or if they were responsible for any insolvency.

In the UK, employers look to fill any position that involves working with children and vulnerable adults regularly must also perform either a standard or enhanced DBS check before they can hire the candidate.

Why is employment screening important?

  • It reveals the truth

As mentioned above, the primary cause of employment screening is CV fraud. Many candidates embellish and over-exaggerate details, or simply lie on their CV pertaining to job roles, employment dates and (most commonly) educational qualifications. Employment screening exposes who someone really is – professionally and personally.

  • It ensures safety

Needless to say, hiring a sex predator, con artist or violent ex-offender will put your workforce at risk.

  • It prevents liability

You may be liable by negligence if you hire someone with a criminal record and they cause damages. Likewise, you may receive a £20,000 fine if you employ someone without the right to work in the UK.

  • For confidence and peace of mind

Employment screening gives you the confidence that you have employed an honest and legitimate individual, thus preventing any potential legal conundrums.

  • To save time and money

Hiring the right people can save you time and money – as you won’t have to fire and re-hire.

  • Prevents fraudulent applications

Knowledge of your company’s extensive pre-employment procedures is bound to make people think twice before submitting a fraudulent application.

The increased frequency of making up or acquiring fake university degrees makes employment screening even more crucial. Concerningly, dishonesty pervades all levels of business. For example, Telstra’s chief technology officer Vish Nandlall stepped down in 2016 after falsely claiming to have an MBA from Harvard University.

Why come to Blackhawk for employment screening?

Providing intelligence to company directors and business leaders is at the core of what we do at Blackhawk Intelligence. One of the intelligence we can provide is useful background information pertaining to a candidate, especially someone looking to fill a senior or executive position at your organisation.

With a vast network of contacts around the world, our pre-employment services are not just restricted to the UK. We work with multinational corporations to help screen local and foreign candidates in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, among other geographical regions.

With fraudsters making headlines almost daily and knowing that most people attempt to make up facts to look better on paper, employment screening is becoming more critical than ever. For peace of mind, contact our background checks experts at Blackhawk Intelligence on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 we can carry out the necessary due diligence so that you can hire the right person confidently.

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