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International Process Server

Bringing a successful case against another party is only part of the challenge in recovering monies or properties owed to you. You first have to track down the individual or company and then serve them with the legal documentation to further your case. When the person of interest has skipped the country or actually resides overseas, you will likely need the services of an expert international process server.

International Process servingTracking down evasive individuals for the purpose of serving court papers and demands can be a difficult and sometimes time consuming task. Not only that, each country has its own local laws and requirements where process serving is concerned. One area this covers is process serving in accordance with the Hague Convention – when it is needed and when it isn’t.

Process Serving Internationally and in Europe

Where process serving in different countries is concerned, one size doesn’t fit all. Each country has it’s own particular laws and customs to be observed and of course, it’s important to ensure that the recipient receives their papers in a form they can read and understand.

Due process is something we track and report on. The courts often require updates as to progress or interim reports. Our clients too, need progress updates. As cases can be being pursued significant distances away from the plaintiff, providing clarity and visibility on progress is essential. Our people tracing service plays an important part of this as often, the location of then intended recipient of the papers may not initially be known.

Investigative Services

Our investigative services can play a role here too, helping clients track down and locate evasive individuals that they may wish to pursue a case against.

Follow Up and Reporting

As soon as the intended recipient has been served, we will report back and provide the necessary supporting documentation as required; such as: Certificates, Statement of Service or Affidavit to confirm the process has been served.

Multi-Jurisdictional Process Serving

Multi-jurisdictional tracing and process serving is a service that Blackhawk Investigations has provides, and leverages its global network of agents and partners. Speed and accuracy are critical elements to our service, qualities our clients have come to respect us for.

Examples of the type of process we serve include:

  • Landlord and tenant
  • Property related instructions
  • Court orders
  • Statutory demands
  • Winding-up petitions
  • Writs and summons
  • Family proceedings
  • Bankruptcy petitions
  • Injunctions
  • International documents
  • N39 and summons to appear

For all your international process serving needs, call one of our knowledgable team members today to discuss your needs.

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