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eDiscovery Services

The complex world of eDiscovery. Companies and organisations, even of modest size, quickly realise that the complexities and intricacies of their data infrastructure can make it very difficult to detect fraudulent activity and often easy for perpetrators to hide their actions, seemingly erasing any data trail that could be incriminating. Being able to ‘peel back’ the layers and identify where and how fraudulent transactions have taken place and, most importantly, forensically preserving the evidence uncovered, is critical to successful litigation. Enter the world of eDiscovery services.

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Whether you’re in the US and refer to this as eDiscovery (E-Discovery) or in Europe where it is called eDisclosure (E-Disclosure), the process amounts to the same thing. Electronic stored information (ESI) is critical to successfully resolving a dispute or bringing the perpetrator of a criminal act to justice. Just as critical, is ensuring the integrity of the information, so that it can be used in court. Understanding where information essential to a successful outcome may be located and how it can be preserved, is our speciality.

Knowing where to start and who should be involved

For a busy legal team, the process of identifying and collecting the relevant ESI, can be a time-consuming and expensive task, unless you have in-house expertise. Most information critical to a case can be stored in a multitude of formats and on a multitude of devices. Our extensive experience in digital forensics underpins our eDiscovery services. Identifying and accessing this information with forensic level integrity is a specialist task, one driven by a carefully detailed process: Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Analysis, Review, Production and Presentation.

Blackhawk diligently follows a set of recognised procedures (electronic disclosure reference model) to ensure that we not only identify the electronic information essential to a successful dispute resolution, but also ensuring it’s integrity and presenting it in a format acceptable to the parties involved.

Fast, Accurate and Efficient

We have the latest tools and skills at our disposal ensuring we act quickly in working with the people and systems that are essential to the recovery of crucial electronic information. At all times we ensure our costs are both predictable and transparent.

eDiscovery is an entire process, not a single activity, a process that begins as soon as a problem is discovered, one that could lead to litigation, all the way to the point the information is presented to a court.

Of course, once litigation is foreseen, it’s the legal duty of the company to lock down and preserve the relevant electronically stored information (ESI), and begin the process of making eDiscovery enquiries. eDiscovery is a complex process, requiring a specialised blend of exception legal minds as well experienced technical practitioners.

International eDiscovery Capabilities

With offices in Israel and partners at strategic points around the globe, our capabilities extend internationally, allowing us to pursue multi-jurisdictional cases.

eDiscovery – A Key Component in Litigation Support and Risk Management

Our eDiscovery Service is not only a key element in Blackhawk’s IT Forensics service, underpinning our forensic capabilities, but it can also be used as part of our Litigation Support Services, backed by years of expertise. Furthermore, our eDiscovery Service is a key part of our risk management solution, essential in today’s complex global business environment.

If you have a complex international litigation and need to uncover essential data evidence, call Blackhawk’s E-Discovery & eDisclosure Services team today.


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