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eDisclosure or eDiscovery Services

The digital-focused world of today has led to exponential growth in the volume of data we all store. Accordingly, the courts around the world are responding to this changing landscape and outlining a process called eDisclosure (UK) or eDiscovery (USA).

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Electronic Disclosure or eDisclosure is a term used in the UK and other commonwealth countries, while in the US, the same process is called Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery. In essence, eDisclosure means the disclosure of electronically stored information (ESI). This information can exist in every data format and digital device. For example, they can be emails in a cloud, text messages in a smartphone, pictures in a server, or presentations stored in a portable device like a USD stick, to name but a few. Furthermore, the information can be readily available, but it can also be damaged, manipulated, deleted, or encrypted, adding another layer of challenge for the legal team involved.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, our eDisclosure team is based London and supported by a team of local specialists in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. This set-up has enabled us to take on multilingual cases across multiple jurisdictions. We assist law firms, companies, government agencies and individuals in the UK and around the world with eDisclosure or eDiscovery. The projects we handle include:

  • Civil litigation
  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate fraud
  • Accounting fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Insolvency investigation
  • Criminal defence
  • Government and law enforcement investigations

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The benefits of engaging Blackhawk Intelligence’s eDisclosure services

  • We use leading-edge technology to achieve greater accuracy.
  • We focus on efficiency, meaning less time and costs to you (and your clients).
  • We have a global reach, able to handle multilingual cases across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Our multidisciplinary team, consisting of forensic accountants, digital forensics specialists, data security experts, solicitors and legal technologists, enables us to meet unique challenges.
  • To the automated processes, we also add customised workflows supervised by an experienced legal technologist to meet the requirements of your case.
  • We are committed to protecting the data we are entrusted with. Our ISO 27001 certification – the gold standard for information security management – means our team and systems have been tested to the highest standards.
  • We have a flexible approach to support your budget. All prices and proposed timeline are quoted before the start of a case and without hidden charge.

Digital forensics underpin eDisclosure or eDiscovery Services

In most eDisclosure or eDiscovery cases, the legal team involved is faced with challenges such as:

  • They have to process an enormous amount of data stored across multiple devices.
  • They need to identify and manage data that are most relevant to the litigation.
  • The data may have been manipulated, damaged, encrypted or deleted.
  • The data must be preserved and presented in a court-approved way.
  • The process involved should be quick, cost-effectively, but highly accurate.

To overcome these challenges, we usually have a digital forensics specialist involved in an eDisclosure or eDiscovery case, bringing the latest understanding of the process, and responding to the ever-increasing technology available efficiently.

Blackhawk Intelligence can assist with eDisclosure or eDiscovery

You may call it Electronic Disclosure, spell it with a hyphen (e-Disclosure), without a hyphen (eDisclosure), or refer to it as eDiscovery like our American colleagues would, the process of disclosing electronically stored information (ESI) is critical to resolving a dispute successfully or brining the perpetrator to justice.

Given the complications of the eDisclosure process, a specialised blend of exceptional legal minds and experienced technologists is required – this is where Blackhawk Intelligence can make a difference. Our multidisciplinary team is based in London but supported by local agents in various countries around the world. The London team members consist of forensic accountants, digital forensics specialists, data security experts, solicitors and legal technologists.

Working cohesively, we follow a multi-step process (involving Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis, Production and Presentation), and make use of cutting-edge software. This means we can identify data essential to a successful dispute resolution quickly, accurately, and also cost-effectively.

To find out more about eDisclosure or eDiscovery, call Blackhawk Intelligence on +44 (0)20 8108 9317.

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