Benefits Of Litigation Support and LPO

Litigation support and legal process outsourcing (LPO) are essential tools for many law firms and legal departments, particularly as the complexity and volume of digital data requiring processing can quickly overwhelm even larger law practices, and also in assisting law firms and clients decide whether a case is worth pursuing. Blackhawk’s litigation support and LPO service can provide a wide range of benefits to law firms or legal departments facing this issue.

Legal process outsourcingBig data is a fact of daily business life and creates big headaches for even the most capable legal teams, especially where tight court deadlines are concerned. Cutting corners is not an option, faster more efficient data handling, e-discovery and analysis is the order of the day. Outsourcing the data processing and discovery processes, and even top level analysis to filter out all but the most relevant data presents opportunities to: gain cost savings, increase your talent pool, speed up processes and introduce flexibility into your workflow. Our e-Discovery services can help here.

It’s not just big data we need to consider either. Whether to actually litigate in the first place is probably the biggest question to answer.

We have summarised some of the main benefits we think will resound with firms looking to make that decision and commit to the volume of e-discovery and analysis that will follow.

Invaluable additional expertise service to solicitors

  • increase chances of avoiding costly litigation and achieving conflict resolution
  • increase chances of winning a favourable litigation settlement through the presentation of incontrovertible and forensically preserved evidence
  • provide invaluable supporting expertise outside the core knowledge of many solicitors
  • help determine if a case is viable – pre-litigation due diligence
  • civil or criminal litigation
  • E-Discovery – where solicitors fear to tread

Win the battle without fighting

  • researching and identifying adversary’s weaknesses and exposure
  • identifying vulnerability leverage points
  • building legally admissible evidence
  • preparing analysis and findings ready for presentation
  • present and seek conflict resolution without trial

When conflict is unavoidable

  • gather more detailed evidence to support the case, forensically; provide analysis and recommendations
  • conduct detailed analysis to uncover fraud or other criminal activities
  • prepare case documentation and evidence ready for court presentation

Multi-jurisdictional litigation support

  • cross border litigation issues
  • tracing and tracking down misappropriated assets or the proceeds of money laundering
  • cross border surveillance and evidence gathering
  • asset and debt recovery

Typical areas of expertise used for litigation support

Blackhawk Intelligence – Your Natural Choice for Legal Process Outsourcing

Blackhawk have assisted many companies overcome the challenges faced by mounting data volumes and response times. We have a wide range of skills and tools available to us to assist you in meeting tight client and court deadlines. Call one of our knowledgeable LPO specialists today.