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Surveillance GPS Vehicle Tracking

Locating a vehicle and recording its whereabouts can help your company determine if it is being misused, or if it is adhering to a schedule or a specific route as intended.

GPS vehicle tracking

A GPS vehicle tracking device is a small, portable unit that uses radio waves to determine the coordinates of one’s location. The market today has a wide range of GPS vehicle tracking devices with varying levels of sophistication. For instance, you can choose to have a battery-powered unit or one that is wired into the vehicle’s electrical system.

Another common consideration is whether you want to interrogate the data in real-time or at a later date. And if your requirement includes areas where the accuracy of GPS can be questioned (like in an underground car park), then a tracking device that has both GPS and GSM technology is recommended.

Why use GPS vehicle tracking?

Fraud, theft and issues pertaining to staff misbehaving are serious impediments to a company’s competitiveness and bottom line. Too often, companies with a fleet of vehicles share distressing (and often costly) incidents involving cars and vans operating outside the designated routes, being gravely misused or worse, being stolen. To stem wayward behaviour and to lower the risks of fraud and theft, companies can choose to install GPS vehicle tracking and protect their assets.

Lawful GPS vehicle tracking

Companies can track all their rightfully-owned vehicles when they have communicated the process with the employees involved. Tracking an employee’s vehicle or another company’s vehicle, however, is unlawful.

Equally, in a civil environment, an individual cannot track another person’s car without the knowledge or consent of the person involved. The law, however, is less clear when the vehicle being tracked is owned by more than one person and one of the co-owners decides to install the tracker.

If you plan to track a vehicle, we strongly advise you to speak with our surveillance team first, as it is our top priority to help you gather the information that can be used legally in your case.

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