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Surveillance GPS Vehicle Tracking

From time to time during our investigations and intelligence gathering operations, it’s necessary to gain information on the movements of either people or the assets believed to be under threat; covert GPS vehicle tracking devices come in to their own for this purpose.

The advancement seen in recent years in both people and vehicle tracking technology and scale has been incredible. Technology just keeps shrinking in size and doubling in power year after year. This has reached a point where a device capable of relaying position and sometimes audio and video, can be almost undetectable, if it is concealed in the right place.

How do we track people and assets?

The services we employ in covertly tracking a person or an asset comes in many forms, from static monitoring devices to highly mobile vehicle GPS tracking devices. All of this comes with the ability to track across the globe using a variety of radio or satellite technologies, including GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF. The units provide the ability to covertly monitor activity for a considerable period of time.

Covertly tracking vehicles and assets

Companies today are concerned not just about fraudulent or criminal activity, but also, staff performance and bad behaviour. A typical scenario may relate to fleet vehicles being used inappropriately, such as being operated outside of the designated routes; as is often the case when somebody is using the vehicle for something other than its intended purpose, or driven badly, such as high speed. In these circumstances, we use covert vehicle tracking systems that are linked to a central tracking service.

Covertly tracking people

Similarly, we have technology that is capable of tracking individuals, sometimes through the devices they use, other times, through the equipment they may carry. In some instances, in countries where the law permits, we maybe able to track the individual directly. Activities within European countries are bound by the European Conventions on Human Rights and in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998, so under many circumstances proactively tracking a given subject, for instance in the UK, will breach the latter act. That is why it is so important to use a registered and authorised investigations agency.

Private control panel access to covert vehicle tracking status

Our clients can view tracking tracking progress, updates and status through a control panel that displays state-of-the-art,  real time location and speed based information and satellite imagery, often using Google or Microsoft mapping technology.

Through the control panel, you’ll get a full history of a vehicle’s movements.

Our investigators will attempt to secure information that will contribute to your case by lawful means, without violating human rights or data protection. This is a particularly sensitive area for personal surveillance when trying to track family members without them knowing, even if you own the vehicle they may be driving.

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