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Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping

Businesses operating in highly competitive markets are vulnerable to industrial espionage where hidden electronic monitoring devices can be used to gather information. Counter surveillance bug sweeping combats this and keeps your business safe.

How do covert surveillance bugs work?

There are hundreds of different ways a covert listening device or ‘bug’ can be installed without your company’s knowledge. Technology has allowed these devices to become very small, inexpensive, and able to operate independently. With sizes down to millimetres, bugs can be camouflaged into everyday items such as a pen, a lapel pin, or hidden among wires and cabling.

Types of covert listening devices include:

  • GSM audio bugs. Perhaps the most popular type of device, these bugs require a small SIM card and work like a mobile phone, meaning there is no distance limitation as long as there is cellular coverage. Their battery lifespan ranges from a few days to a few weeks if they are on standby.
  • Portable miniature voice recorders. These only require an SD card to start recording right away for an extended period of time. Largely self-contained, each recorder has a battery that can last for days or even weeks (depending on usage).
  • Radio frequency transmitters. These can be easily concealed into ordinary items like inside an alarm clock or a smoke detector. Their transmitter range can extend from 10m to 1km and beyond, and if they are hidden inside an item that already has a power source, they can last forever provided that the power source for the host isn’t interrupted.

Employ counter surveillance – electronic bug sweeping

If your company is susceptible to invasive intelligence gathering from rivals, it’s essential to have an effective counter surveillance practice in place. This includes regularly checking for covert listening devices in sensitive areas such as laboratories, board rooms, and offices.

Advancements in technology have made it relatively easy to find certain cheap bugs, especially those that transmit constantly. However, the more sophisticated electronic bugs may have built-in defences or use specific radio frequencies that can’t be picked up by a regular bug detector. This is why at Blackhawk Intelligence, our counter surveillance team has access to the latest bug sweeping equipment, allowing us to provide you with the highly professional and extremely effective service that you deserve.

If you are working on sensitive projects and need peace of mind that no information is being eavesdropped on by competitors, call the counter surveillance team at Blackhawk Intelligence from an acquaintance’s phone outside of your workplace. Our team will work with you to identify the listening devices, analyse your current security measures, and recommend a strategy that can effectively protect your company and your privacy.

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Our ‘leave-no-stone-unturned’ approach to counter surveillance bug sweeping is designed to protect your business, your privacy, and above all, your reputation. This is why private companies and high net worth individuals trust Blackhawk Intelligence to deploy the most suitable bug sweeping services to uncover any covert devices and eliminate any threat they face.

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