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People Tracing

Around 250,000 people go missing in the UK each year, according to Home Office estimates, with more than half of those aged under 18. It’s a shocking figure, compounded by the fact that some 11% of the UK population move house each year, often without leaving forwarding addresses. The pressure on people tracing agencies in London like Blackhawk Intelligence is growing. Apart from families desperate to find their missing loved ones, our list of clients includes creditors, wills and probate lawyers, divorce courts, tenants, accountants and insolvency practitioners. Many are often left in the dark about a person’s whereabouts and need to call in professional help to track them down.

Fixed Fee Basis

At Blackhawk, we work on a fixed fee basis, something we discuss with you prior to assignment.

We can access data banks not available publicly online and can set up rapid reaction people tracing teams overseas through our vast network across Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.

How To Beat Persistent Fraudsters

Perhaps you are being plagued by unwanted sales calls, received malicious or prank calls, or aware of persistent fraudsters preying on your elderly parents, the newly retired or those who have taken redundancy packages. Your problem may be as simple as just having lost touch with a good customer. Or you may be spending time and money on trying to contact “gone aways” at their last known address. Hardly convincing proof for any new occupant/potential customer that you are looking after your customer base!

Ever Tried ‘Reverse Searching’ Phone Numbers?

There are certain ‘people tracing’ measures you can take yourselves such as scrolling through public record offices, online databases and historical records. You can also access databases that allow you to “reverse search” telephone numbers and find out the contact details of both current and former owners of the number. If you have been the victim of fraud, try accessing the Cifas National Fraud database which tells you if someone has been linked to fraud in the past (you will need to join Cifas first either as an organisation or individual).

Why Speedy People Tracing Can Help Creditors

Very often, time is money – and the speed afforded by an tracing agency such as Blackhawk can be essential in tracking down a debtor before any creditors arrive to reduce the amount you can recover. Blackhawk, too, has access to millions of contacts, sophisticated databases and bang up-to-date forensic IT.

Another example where speed is of the essence is with wills and probate settlements. These often rely heavily on proof that missing beneficiaries are still alive.

At Blackhawk, we will provide you with regular progress reports on progress to enable you to decide if you want to continue. We rely on a vast trans-continental network of contacts to cut through the red tape of foreign jurisdictions and speed up the tracing process.

And once our people tracing team find our quarry, we will waste no time in using our international process serving operation to serve any legal notices to help you towards your goal.

To find out more about how we can help trace people, or to arrange a free consultation, please call us Blackhawk Intelligence’s People Tracing Experts on +44 (0)20 8108 9317.

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