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People Tracing

We help creditors, solicitors, accountants and individuals to track down missing people and their assets.

Travelling domestically and internationally is easy nowadays, giving people plenty of opportunities to abscond and hide from financial obligations and other responsibilities. Accordingly, creditors, solicitors and insolvency practitioners are turning to our people tracing team to help them locate the missing debtors or people who have shunned their responsibilities.

People tracing or skip tracing requires targeted approach

People tracing, aka skip tracing, refers to the process of locating an individual. Many of these presumably missing people have gone the extra mile to hide their identity and whereabouts to avoid creditors, court notices and/or other responsibilities.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, our people tracing team uses a targeted approach to find the missing people. We have access to specialised databases, as well as IT experts and field agents at our disposal, allowing us to pursue multiple channels and sift through a large amount of information. We are also discreet, legal and professional.

Areas or cases we can help include:

  • Assisting creditors to find debtors
  • Helping solicitors to find parties of interests
  • Locating former spouses in divorce and child support cases
  • Locating the intended recipients in process serving

Do you need to track down an errant spouse, or perhaps somebody that owes you money? Is it possible they have left the country?

No matter where the person you are looking for may be now, Blackhawk Intelligence has a network of operatives and investigators that can track down those you wish to find, no matter what jurisdiction they may now be hiding in.

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People tracing does not focus squarely on people who have shunned responsibilities, the process is also highly effective when you need to find beneficiaries named in wills.

People tracing often works hand-in-hand with asset tracing, another core team within our investigative division. Once you have successfully located the individual, you need to know if they have hidden assets and evaluate how the items of value can be used to meet any judgment secured.

Transparent fees, global network and regular reports

People tracing does not have to be costly and time-consuming if you rely on an experienced company like Blackhawk Intelligence. Our people tracing fees are transparent; you know what they include before any assignment. Also, we can work on a fixed fee basis too.

Our people tracing team is also connected to a global network which can help to gather local intelligence and speed up the tracing process through agents across Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Once we take on your assignment, we will provide you with regular progress reports, thereby allowing you to decide the next step.

Blackhawk Intelligence can help you find the missing person

In this day and age, it doesn’t take much money to assume another identity or fake one’s own death to run away from obligations or to commit fraud. The presumably missing person you are looking for could also be hiding in another city or another country.

Rely on our experienced people tracing team to track down the person you are looking for. We have a proven track record in helping creditors, solicitors, insurance firms, insolvency practitioners and executors of estates to locate the missing person.


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