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Doing Business in Russia

Blackhawk Intelligence provides high quality investigative research, intelligence analysis and strategic advice focused on the commercial markets of the Russian Federation. We also have extensive coverage from the Ukraine through to the Baltic States and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Russia continues to provide significant commercial opportunities. This fascinating country has undergone an extraordinary transformation in the last twenty years. Russia is a country that quickly defies its stereotypes. Business in Russia, whilst not without risk, can produce significant rewards. Blackhawk provides insight into the Russian commercial environment, intelligence to those seeking to do business with companies or individuals from Russia and advice for those entering the Russian market for the first time in order to understand new opportunities, partners or ventures. Recent examples of services provided include :-

Due Diligence Reporting

Reporting on a high profile US-Russian executive on behalf of a potential joint venture partner, political connections and business reputation of primary interest.

Legal Support – Litigation, Arbitration & Criminal Matters

Advising a large European law firm on how to handle large amounts of financial crime data relating to Russian organized crime for the purposes of civil and criminal proceedings.

Market Entry Assessments

Producing a report for an EU based company detailing commercial opportunities.

Industry Sector Briefings

Blackhawk was engaged by a large merchant bank to carry out a review of commercial opportunities within the Russian railways sector.

Asset Tracing

Tracing funds on behalf of a Russian bank whose three former employees are currently subject to international litigation.

Business Intelligence

Using specific sources we examined an investment opportunity in Russia on behalf of a UK based private equity firm.

Political Intelligence

Using specific sources we prepared background briefings on Russian politicians on behalf of potential Western investors and experts.

Personality and Network Profiles

Blackhawk  carried out a review of several political figures, their business interests and extended network of associates.

Compliance and KYC Monitoring

Working on behalf of several large financial institutions we provided database reviews and enhanced analysis to provide information for a range of regulatory checks.

Financial Analysis

On behalf of a large consulting firm Blackhawk provided intelligence support to their forensic accounting teams by examining data on bank transactions.

Local & Regional Politics

Producing a report for a London based financial company describing the political situation in Crimea and the impact of Russian nationalism in this area.

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