Executive Background Checks

People don’t always tell the truth! Surprised? Probably not. However, when it concerns individuals at the very top of your company, it’s not a surprise you want to have. Conducting effective executive background checks is an essential part of your own internal due diligence process.

Key executive appointments deserve an appropriate level of executive background checks

Executive Background Screening At a basic level, you want to make sure that the person you recruit to drive a key area of your business forward is really who he claims to be. Not just from an identity perspective, but also the qualifications and experience they may claim to have. It’s not uncommon these days to hear stories of individuals that have held a position of significant influence or authority only for irregularities in their career history and qualifications to be uncovered. In fact the four most common areas where potential issues crop up are:

  • Undeclared criminal record or disqualification
  • Over statement of qualifications and experience
  • Fraudulent qualifications
  • Bad press

The process of identifying, interviewing and selecting a suitable candidate for senior company roles is time consuming and often quite expensive. So it’s especially important to get it right by using effective executive screening processes.

HR departments are proficient or have tools on hand that help profile and assess a candidates suitability for a role, but that doesn’t necessarily uncover the real background of the individual. For that you have to step outside the bounds of tests and assessments and engage in some real detective work.

Businesses, even smaller ones, are becoming increasingly engaged in international operations. It’s common for companies to seek out and select candidates from other countries, often because of skills and experience shortages. This only increases the difficulty of assessing the validity of a candidates background and alleged qualifications.

Executive positions are unique in their own right and require a similarly unique approach to how screening takes place. Blackhawk London’s Executive Background Checks service provides a detailed investigation in to the candidates history, qualifications and experience. Naturally such an investigation has to be very discrete. As with all our investigative services, confidentiality, discretion and sensitivity are paramount, so too with executive background checks.

Executive background checks are an important element of your overall due diligence processes. Blackhawk London are a company with a respected track record in assisting businesses establish proper processes to avoid the significant loss employing an executive with background credibility issues can cause.

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