Employment Investigations

Employ the wrong person and it can cost you money, time, reputation damage and, worse still, your business. Yet according to figures from the UK’s independent fraud prevention service, Cifas, dishonest job applications make up well over half the frauds it records. Checking up on CVs naturally costs time – and the more important the role, the more time it requires. Time perhaps to call on an employment investigations agency like Blackhawk Intelligence that can save you time, money and resources you may not have.

The requirement to conduct an investigation into an employee or employees may arrise for several reasons:

  1. The routine need to scrutinise a candidates application and CV
  2. A detailed background check into a senior executive’s past, either as a new hire or as behaviour focuses suspicion on the individual’s capabilities and experience.
  3. An employee’s behaviour gives rise to suspicion of fraud or other forms of potentially criminal behaviour
  4. Investigations into the activities of individuals, particularly those who held senior positions, where they are suspected of breaching restrictive covenants, such as in giving away company secrets.

Each circumstance requires it’s own delicate and covert investigation process, one Blackhawk is expertly skilled in.

CVs Demand a Thorough Check

Lying on a CV, application form or accompanying letter has become endemic, putting increasing pressure on employers to carry out the same due diligence background checks on job applicants as they are advised to do on customers and suppliers. Employment investigation in to qualifications, unspent convictions, and gaps in the CV and in credit history (particularly for finance-related jobs) all require sharp scrutiny.

Pick The Wrong Candidate and You Could Pay For it Later

Prevention is best. But few businesses can avoid employment disputes later down the line, be it a grievance, disciplinary issue, whistle-blowing event, theft, fraud or other problem.

You can and should have all the right policies and procedures in place, yet you also need to examine the issue thoroughly and impartially – and this is where an experienced outside agency like Blackhawk can investigate rapidly, produce legally acceptable evidence and get a result.

The more important the position, the greater the due diligence you should invest in, never more so that in the situation where you are hiring an important board level, c-suite, executive. Blackhawk’s executive background check service can help here.

The Hazardous World of Whistle-Blowing and Bribery

Another reason for calling on the experience of agencies like Blackhawk is the need to be more aware of the risks linked with whistle-blowing (when it goes beyond the call of duty), bribery and corruption.

For example, restrictive covenants (some would call them “gagging” orders) are issued to staff leaving a business in order to prevent them giving away sensitive company information. If they are suspected of breeching the covenant, an employment investigations agency can be called in to undertake the tricky task of finding evidence.

We all Need to Know The Bribery Act

All employers have to cope with common problems such as allegations of theft (including theft of confidential data), bullying and discrimination. But failure to take on board these bigger, more legally complex issues (such as the need to be fully compliant with the 2010 Bribery Act) can end up seriously threatening your company’s morale, trust levels, reputation and survival itself. Blackhawk has a complete bribery and fraud investigations group to assist.

At Blackhawk we’re here to help, discuss with you what you need to change and defend, and come to your aid fast if you need us.

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“Blackhawk were instructed to carry out a sensitive internal employment investigation. The assignment was carried out thoroughly and professionally by Blackhawk from the outset. The management  were impressed by the standard of work carried out, including the final report and with the proactive level of service” Major multinational IT company