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Company or Business Background Checks

Protect yourself and your business reputation by conducting a business or company check to make sure the other company is legal, functional and trustworthy.

Fake companies, companies offering services without the appropriate license or permit, companies set-up by criminals to commit fraud – cases like these are more common than ever as most of us now conduct business transactions online. We also tend to trust a company’s online presence and what strangers say about them online, leaving little opportunity for on-site visits and in-person verifications.

While registrars of companies in many countries provide a good overview of limited companies, they do not offer vital information such as a company’s credit history and insights into the directors and decision makers. This is where our company or business background checks specialists at Blackhawk Intelligence can help.

What company or business checks can reveal

  • A company’s legal status
  • A company’s history and business address
  • A company’s credit worthiness
  • If it has the appropriate license or permit to operate
  • If it really belongs to a reputable trade body
  • If it has any legal proceedings
  • Confirming its directors and decision-makers
  • International search, anything from registries to financial statements in another country

Why use Blackhawk Intelligence’s company or business checks

  1. Most people may do a brief search online by checking a company’s website or through a registrar (like Companies House in the UK). They do not have the resources to delve deeper into the company’s history, reviews its financial records, verifying its directors and decision makers, among others. Our specialists provide thorough company checks and analysis.
  2. Our intelligence-gathering process involves a combination of multi-language open-source research and targeted human source enquiries.
  3. Open-source research refers to the use of electronic and physical corporate registries, print and electronic media archives, litigation databases, credit checks, global regulatory and compliance databases and the internet.
  4. Targeted human source enquiries are conducted with a wide range of individuals who have connections with the company and/or its directors and decision makers.
  5. Multidisciplinary and dynamic, our team consists of financial analysts, legal representatives, corporate intelligence specialists and investigators.
  6. We tailor our services to your needs and budget; we carry out company checks on an agreed fee (with no hidden charges).
  7. We are highly discreet and respect confidentiality.

International company or business checks

The advancement of the internet and technology has enabled us to conduct transactions online, make electronic payments, supply and purchase goods with companies from far away with just a few clicks. Technology has made life more convenient, but the risk of being defrauded has also increased.

Engage our international company checks services if the other party you want to do business with is located in another country. Over the years, we have assembled a global network of business investigators and intelligence experts to assist companies in the UK and abroad that want to verify contacts in another country. Give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 if international company checks are an essential part of your due diligence process.

Case example 1

Person A heard about a life science company which was developing a new type of artificial organ through a business associate in a networking event. He searched for them online, read many articles and concluded that it was an excellent company with tremendous potential. He invested £100,000 into the company. But a few months later, the company was placed into administration. The directors of the company had been using company funds for personal gain. These directors had been involved in other failed companies in other countries before, something that Person A would have known if he had engaged our company checks service to delve deeper.

Case example 2

Client B was engaged by an audio-visual company to manage a multi-million-dollar digital marketing campaign. Company B did the initial work but before moving to phase two, they asked for a 10% payment. The client gave a string of excuses, often involving their bank accounts being frozen by banks due to them being a victim of fraud. But when Company B called our team to perform a thorough company background check, we found out that the company was insolvent.

Case example 3

Client C was pleased to learn that Company XYZ from another country was launching its products in the region where client C lives. Unfortunately, the local presence was set-up by fraudsters who copied the entire website and created a payment system that would only enrich the fraudsters. Unless you perform a check, it would be easy to become a victim of fraud.

Engaging Blackhawk Intelligence’s company or business checks services

Save time, money and potential stress that come with investing in a fake company or doing business with a company that wants to take advantage of you.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, we have the experience and necessary resources to assist you in authenticating a company or a business, its legal status, financial records, appropriate license or permit, as well as its directors and decision makers.

Contact us today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 to find out how we can assist you verifying a company or a business in the UK or abroad.

Call us on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 for a free, confidential discussion about our company or business checks services.

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