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Property/Equity Valuation

Before you begin pursuing a case through the courts to recover debts or perhaps the proceeds from a fraud committed against you, it’s worth ascertaining if the party you are claiming against has assets of any value you might seek to liquidate, such as property.

Blackhawk offers a ‘pre-litigation report’ service that helps uncover if your ‘opponent’ has anything of value worth trying to seize and liquidate. Property is the most obvious, the bricks and mortar kind.

But what’s really recoverable?

However, your opponent may have own house, but after it’s debts are paid off – any outstanding loans against it such as a mortgage, what’s left?

To be sure, you need to have the property valued and outstanding charges against it assessed. Obviously, you can’t just have a surveyor turn up and conduct a building survey.

Blackhawk, as part of its asset tracing service will identify this type of asset that might yield a positive liquidation value by conducting searches and investigations. Once identified, Blackhawk’s team will then have the value of the property assessed. This will be done discreetly. Blackhawk will then determine if there is likely to be any equity in the property after taking into account information gained about outstanding mortgages.

Forearmed is forewarned

From this investigation, you will be armed with enough information to decide whether or not it’s worthwhile proceeding legally against the individual. There’s no point throwing good money after bad.

Call Blackhawk’s Asset Tracing team to discuss how we may assist in bringing a claim against the property assets of your opponent.

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