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Asset Tracing Service

Blackhawk Intelligence’s asset tracing service is specifically designed for international corporations, companies and high net-worth individuals to identify, trace, freeze and recover financial and physical assets.

We also help you determine if litigation is worthwhile and then have extensive resources to track down and recover what is rightfully yours.

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The asset tracing and recovery process Blackhawk Intelligence uses comprises two distinct areas. The first is in determining whether or not it is worth pursuing a claim against an individual or company and secondly; for scenarios where you’ve received a successful judgement against a person or company and now need to enforce that judgement and recover assets to fund the award.

You may have a successful judgement in your favour, but actually getting your hands on what is rightfully yours is a different issue, one we can expertly assist with.

Whether it is a business or a person that owes you money or property, those involved have a habit of trying to hide assets due to you from the law. So while you may have a judgement in your favour, you need experts like Blackhawk Intelligence to hunt down “all” the assets, even the hidden ones.

But first, you have to decide if there are assets worth tracing, otherwise, you’ll waste your time and money.

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Is it worth pursuing a claim and tracing assets?

Before embarking on costly litigation to recover property or money that may be due to you or your firm, it is essential and entirely cost-effective to understand if the defendant has anything of value available to meet any judgment secured. After all, why investment in pursuing a claim where the defendant has no means to pay or is likely to simply wind up their operation and move on.

Our pre-litigation report service is valuable in helping make this determination. We conduct some basic research into the person or entity you’d like to pursue, to determine what assets they may legally own that you could claim against.

Tracing assets to cover a successful judgement

If a judgment has already been secured, then you need to know where any assets are located and how they can be secured and realised to meet the judgment.

What is asset Tracing?

Asset tracing is the process of identifying property or valuables which clients seek to recover by way of legal process to enforce a judgement award in their favour, or a negotiated settlement.

Tracking down and successfully freezing the items of value in question can be a powerful way to negotiate a settlement. So what assets can be traced? These can include real estate, stocks and shares, intellectual property rights, works of art, valuable personal property and cash.

Winning a judgement against a company or an individual is often just the first step in achieving the outcome you are looking for. While you may have received a significant award against the other party, the process of collecting on or enforcing that judgement is left to you the claimant. This means that it is down to you or your firm to get the defendant to actually pay what is due. This might be cash, property or other valuable assets. A notoriously difficult process.

Do you need to trace missing, misappropriated or concealed assets?

If you need help tracing assets that have been lost or stolen due to theft or fraud, Blackhawk Intelligence London has a team of trained asset tracing specialists ready for your call.

The fraudsters involved often make it challenging for those untrained or without an international network to trace and locate assets. Those involved often conceal or hide the assets behind sham companies and/or secret trusts in the names of nominees or lodged in obscure overseas jurisdictions. These fraudsters may even convert the assets into other forms to avoid detection.

Overseen by H. Hardoon, Bsc, FCCA, FCA, FAIA CPFA, the asset-tracing core team consists of a case manager, two investigators and a support staff. Internally, Blackhawk Intelligence also another team of multi-disciplinary experienced agents consist of accountants, auditors, certified fraud examiners, anti-money laundering specialists, handwriting experts, computer forensic experts, data analysts, corporate investigators, journalists, economists, lawyers and former law-enforcement agents, to name but a few.

It is with these varied experts that we can offer the robust service of asset tracing to corporations and individuals who are victims of fraud or theft and who want to recover what is rightfully theirs.

Blackhawk’s dedicated Asset Tracing Service

Blackhawk’s dedicated teams have a proven and successful track record in locating hidden chattels, valuables and debtors in the UK, EU and across the globe.

Our UK team of analysts and researchers has strong capabilities and, uniquely, a dedicated in-house legal section. Our International Tracing Team often works with partners abroad where local knowledge is critical. For example in Eastern Europe our strategic local partners are particularly robust and effective because they understand the country’s legal system, business culture and practices, as well as unspoken norms that are imperative when it comes to local research and commencing a series of local enquiries.

Our singular objective is to provide private and commercial clients with dedicated intelligence reports about the assets they are after. It is only when armed with this information, our clients can make speedy and informed business decisions and to further safeguard their interests.

We understand the commercial imperative for prompt and accurate intelligence which cannot be obtained elsewhere. Our teams understand the crucial distinction between extracting raw intelligence and delivering cogent and reliable evidence fit for use in a Court of Law. Our know-how and experience transform one into the other.

Working with you directly, or your own professional advice team, we can identify, secure and eventually realise assets you are seeking to recover in a wide variety of overseas jurisdictions and tax havens.

Specific Types Of Asset Tracing Investigations

We can assist in investigating:

  • UK Property assets
  • Corporate assets and connections
  • Related party transactions and assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities
  • Offshore assets & property
  • Directorships

We regularly work with law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients on complex tracing enquiries, and we are known for adopting a commercial, cost/benefit approach. To understand more about the sectors we serve, click here.


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