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Site Attendance

Asset tracing takes many forms and sometimes the only way to check if a subject owns tangible assets such as an expensive car, a painting or jewellery is to physically visit their home or business address. They can’t argue away a Porsche on the drive. This is a key part of our tracing service.

In matrimonial disputes, in particular, partners may try to hide items they do not want to part with as part of a settlement. Some people own property unbeknown to their spouse, or invest their money in antiques and other movable items, playing a constant cat and mouse game with lawyers, accountants and other third parties.

Electronic discovery and forensic accounting play their part too

By careful sifting of emails, letters and bank accounts, Blackhawk can answer questions such as where is that mysterious yacht docked for much of the year, which country is supplying offshore banking facilities or which French skiing resort harbours the luxury bachelor flat.

A site visit can also highlight the lengths to which staff can rip off their employer by stealing, say, IT kit from the office. But it could also show up owners claiming insurance for “stolen” items.

You can run but you can’t hide from Blackhawk’s investigators

Once the location has been pinpointed by Blackhawk or one of its many overseas contacts, investigators visit the scene, and observe discreetly or gain lawful entry if required. Or they may set up a covert surveillance operation and record the use of different assets photographically. They ensure all evidence is gathered legally and can then be used in court to back up the client’s case.


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