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Litigation support from Blackhawk Intelligence can help to maximise your chances of winning your legal case.

In an increasingly litigious business and personal world, heading to court is never an ideal situation, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The phrase you will “have your day in court” refers to an opportunity you can defend yourself, but when you do take the stand, are you fully prepared?

Let’s kick-start the conversation by making a few assumptions first. Before taking the stand, you would have:

  • Hired a suitable legal representative
  • Organised your evidence to the best of your ability
  • A good idea of what you want to get out of the case

However, fairly quickly into the process, many people also realise that there is a need to gather more evidence with methods that can maintain its integrity and ensure its admissibility in court. Also, raw evidence is often unhelpful, every piece of information needs to be analysed and organised. At this point, individuals tend to turn to their solicitors for help and chances are, your solicitors will in turn engage litigation assistance from a trusted, independent litigation support specialist like our team here at Blackhawk Intelligence.

Why do solicitors need litigation support specialists?

Solicitors are under pressure from several angles, all of which can seriously debilitate their ability to gather and analyse the information they need to deliver a successful outcome. These include:

  • The complexity of a client’s business arrangements under scrutiny.
  • The complexity of data and analysis needed to underpin the case.
  • Maintaining the forensic integrity of data.
  • A continual need to improve efficiency.
  • Time pressure on the courts.
  • The need to maintain client budget expectations.
  • The tendency to right-off costs associated with case support work.
  • Above all, solicitors are often overwhelmed with large amounts of information that need to be gathered, managed and analysed.

Litigation support is a legal technical support service designed to remove much of the fact-gathering and analysis of case-related information from the legal team so they can use their time to strategise your defence effectively. Also, litigation support specialists like us possess several advantages:

  • We know how to maintain the integrity of evidence and ensure its admissibility when being presented in court.
  • We know how to organise the information into formats that can have a real tactical advantage in litigation cases.
  • It is more cost-effective for your solicitors to engage us than to spend the time doing it themselves.
  • We are a dynamic tool that can help you win your case.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, the litigation support services that we perform to help you include but are not limited to:

  • Hard information and/or digital evidence gathering
  • Investigation of companies or individuals
  • Evidence and/or forensic data analysis
  • People and/or asset tracing
  • Information management

Who can benefit from our litigation support services?

Typically, law firms in London and overseas use our litigation support services as they recognise the benefits of outsourcing their technical case support work to us, which in turn lowers their internal stresses and strains of people and processes. Increasingly though, individuals with a legal case to fight also come directly to us or are being referred to us by their trusted friends.

When it comes to litigation, Blackhawk can gather critical evidence and information involved in your case. By using our honed skills in investigation, forensic analysis, surveillance, asset or people tracing, we will be able to provide you with comprehensive support throughout your case.

It must be said that we aim to mitigate the typical risks associated with outsourcing such legal support, which often arise because of poor planning and communication, by offering a service based specifically on the needs and scope of your case and your internal processes and contact points.

In addition, we also review the information we gather about your case and use it to provide impartial advice on the options that are available to you and suggest what your potential next steps could be.

Our litigation support services

The services that we provide fall into two main categories: civil litigation and criminal defence.

Civil litigation can be quite a complex affair which can easily drag on for a long period and cost the parties involved great sums of money. It is essential, therefore, that time in court is spent as efficiently as possible. This requires information pivotal to the case being easily accessible, admissible and in a form immediately useable. Our litigation support team will ensure that you will have the information when you need it, and more importantly, it is entirely admissible when forensic evidence is concerned.

When a crime is committed, you can be the victim, the defendant or a witness. You may also be an interested party or an applicant of a restraining order. Regardless of your role, your criminal defence solicitors know that the evidence that can help you must be strong. This is when they turn to litigation support specialists like us to assist.

Fraud is making headlines nowadays and unsurprisingly, we have handled cases where unsuspecting employees got entangled in undesirable situations because their identity was being used or because they were unaware of any fraudulent or criminal activity they were being caught up in whilst doing their normal job. The prospect of fraud accusation and a trial is unnerving. If you are in this situation, get in touch with us quickly because our skilled forensic investigators can help to uncover evidence that can prove the innocence of an individual and lead the investigation into identifying the actual guilty party. The tasks that we take can include but not limited to: identifying the source of fraud through analysing accounting records, emails, phone records, as well as backend IT systems.

Blackhawk’s litigation support team is ready to help you with your case

At Blackhawk Intelligence, our litigation support team has a vast repertoire of tools that we can employ to help you in your court case. Whatever your needs, we provide a range of services that can be tailored to you specifically.

We are able to deal with everything from high profile divorce cases to more complex cases that are multi-jurisdictional and that require intense asset tracing across multiple cities all over the world.

We are highly disciplined when it comes to the ways in which we collect evidence and intelligence, so the evidence can be used in a court of law. With our dedicated and efficient litigation support team behind you, you know that your chances of winning in court have been significantly improved.

If you’d like more information on how Blackhawk Intelligence’s litigation support team can help you win your case, contact us today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 or use our online form.

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