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Proceeds Of Crime & Criminal Defence

The introduction of the Proceeds of Crime Act of 2002 provided the legal framework against which authorities could confiscate the proceeds of criminal acts. That is to say that under this act it is possible to gain access and recover money, property, possessions and other assets that may have been acquired as a result of a criminal act, such as through money laundering.

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Ineffective Recovery of Proceeds of Crime

While the processes may be in place for the authorities to pursue and recover proceeds of crime, their track record in doing so has been less than encouraging. For instance, in 2012/13 out of 680,000 convictions only 6392 confiscation orders were made and of those only 26p out of every £100 of criminal proceeds was confiscated.

Criminals have become very adept at converting and hiding their ill-gotten gains, particularly overseas and in jurisdictions less sympathetic to the UK’s criminal justice system. In addition, the endemic delays in the system aid in their ability to launder and hide their proceeds.

It just goes to show that whether one is pursuing a criminal or civil confiscation order, speed is of the essence in tracing assets and freezing them.

The power of Blackhawk Intelligence’s network

Blackhawk Intelligence is well placed to assist in these matters as it has an extensive network of local and overseas intelligence operatives and investigators that can help track down and identify where hidden proceeds of crime have been deposited.

Having assisted in many cases of this nature, Blackhawk provide an invaluable resource for advising on asset tracing, recovery and enforcement.

Defending the innocent

Those committed to defrauding others have scant regard for the consequences, particularly for those innocent individuals caught up in the events. It’s often not clear who or how criminal acts of fraud and theft have actually been committed, especially in complex supply chains and business dealings where technology can be used to effectively eliminate any ‘paper trail’.

Quite often it is the partners, senior executives in a company or employees close to the functions affected by a criminal act that can be unfairly implicated in the crime. Those committing the crime may have falsified logs, gain fraudulent access to the systems or accounts used by another executive or employee, or simply assumed the identity of another in an attempt to conceal their own identity or throw the authorities of the trail.

Through our advanced forensic accounting and forensic computer services, Blackhawk can assist clients caught up in complex business fraud cases where the spotlight of doubt of innocence has been cast.

Our forensic investigators can sift through the data available looking for evidence that can help prove vital in their defence of innocence.

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Whether you represent an enforcement agency needing advice in pursing complex, multi-jurisdictional asset tracing cases where the proceeds of crime need to be traced or a company with senior executives you feel have been wrongly implicated in a criminal fraud case, Blackhawk Intelligence can help.

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