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Digital Fraud Services

Digital fraud is big business. Blackhawk Investigations are specialists in raising the awareness in companies, helping them to implement preventative measures to combat digital fraud. Could this apply to your company? Most probably.

One in four UK consumers are now said to have had their online bank accounts hacked, according to recent research. Natwest Bank suffered a cyber attack in 2013. Two months later Barclays Bank customer data was stolen. In 2014 subscriber lists for the Mumsnet website for parents were hacked. The list goes on.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size of company affected does not matter. In fact, accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers suggests small to medium sized businesses are most at risk as they fail to anticipate the dangers and set up long-term strategies.

Digital fraud comes in many forms including:

  • Identity theft
  • Hacking
  • Malware (any software used to access private IT systems)
  • Phishing (using fake websites to extract personal data) or,
  • Simple data leakage (memory sticks make it easy).

Why is it so prevalent? A tough economic climate, forcing companies to cut back IT investment and staff, leads to weaker controls and more opportunities for fraudsters. Meanwhile, employees rationalise fraudulent behaviour as they see bosses getting bonuses while they face redundancy. Organised crime is moving to the internet as overheads are low, the rewards are quite lucrative, there are lower penalties if you get caught, and criminal action is becoming far more difficult to detect.

Countering Digital Fraud begins In The Mind

One way to counter digital fraud is to break out of a department mentality and start sharing data and goals. On American bank saved itself $5.8m within one year after departments working together pooled and analysed their data to foil a sophisticated deposit fraud scheme. Similarly, a defence contractor saved $500,000 by stopping a wire transfer tied to a false purchase order after uncovering a “shell” company that was acting as a supplier.

In fact, all companies, large or small, need to identify their main assets, train staff to handle cybercrime incidents quickly, and constantly review their security procedures.

Blackhawk Investigations Digital Fraud Team

This is where Blackhawk Investigations can help. For not only do we trace stolen assets online but we can help you put in place protective digital strategies to raise your security levels, train your staff in detection techniques and introduce a corporate security culture.

Our digital fraud investigation services include:

Our dedicated digital fraud team has access to the latest fraud tracing software. We can recover all sorts of data, including deleted, hidden and security protected files. We can detect when there have been unauthorised data transfers of customer lists and supplier data, and we can pick up on employer internet misuse and suspected competitor espionage.

We work fast because any delay may see incriminating evidence removed in a trice. We’ll secure your hardware to prevent tampering, obtain and copy hard drives, and investigate data setting from installed applications and programs.

Digital fraud is everywhere. Everyone has a phone, a memory stick, a whole range of gadgets to ease the process of data extraction. Take steps now to safeguard your key digital assets. Time is of the essence.

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