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Digital Forensics

Blackhawk’s digital services involve forensic procedures, making them a unique resource. The nature of completing an investigation forensically means that any identified and secured data can legally be used as evidence within a courtroom. Our digital forensic services cover a range of digital devices, including internet connection, computers and mobile phones, which allows us to establish the crime that has been committed and how best to manage it.

Why are Blackhawk’s digital forensic services useful?

Blackhawk’s digital forensic services are designed to reassure you if you are attempting to get to the bottom of a digital crime. We use a variety of techniques, from analysing computer files to tracking online presence and recovering data, in order to confirm if a crime has been committed and to ascertain the next steps in preserving any evidence.

First and foremost, our digital forensic services are used to identify cases of fraud or cyber crime. Having access to a number of digital methods means that Blackhawk’s operatives can use their expertise to locate the perpetrator of the crime, which is especially useful should you wish to prosecute. Due to the forensic nature of these services, the evidence that we obtain during our investigations can be used in a court of law and can help you win your case.

Our digital forensic services can also be used pre-emptively to improve your digital security. The primary goal here is to prevent fraud and cyber crime from affecting your business in the future, and stops you requiring any investigative digital forensic services further down the line.

How do you know if you need digital forensic services?

If you’re suspicious that an employee within your company may be attempting to commit, or may have already been successful at committing, fraud against your business, our digital forensic services can help. Through accessing data from computers, mobile phones and online databases, we can forensically trace and recover any evidence that can later be used in the litigation process.

Similarly, you may also be concerned about the prevalence of cyber crime and its ability to cripple your business. If such crimes have already had an affect on your business, Blackhawk’s digital forensic services can work to identify the source of this crime and to preserve the evidence accordingly. However, if you remain untouched by cyber crime but are aware that your digital security is lacking, Blackhawk can help you to establish preventative techniques to keep your business safe.

Getting to the heart of the problem

Our range of digital forensic services can help you to get to the heart of the problem where digital crime, such as fraud and cyber crime, is involved. Blackhawk can forensically evaluate any digital crimes and preserve the evidence to be used in a court of law.

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