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Digital Forensic Services

Our Digital Forensic Services help companies and individuals who have fallen victim to cybercrime and digital fraud with evidence preservation and asset recovery.

Cybercrime continues to escalate and threaten your business – Blackhawk Intelligence’s Digital Forensic Investigators to your rescue

Businesses around the globe are increasingly turning to digital forensic investigations and proactive digital fraud prevention measures as they are confronted with cybercrime growing at a rapid pace. Just as new technologies are introduced to help prevent such crime, criminals find away around them. Many of these types of crimes are the result of planned attacks, and designed to either extort or inconvenience. For businesses suffering from digital crime, the problem is often with their own employees or in their supply chain. As a digital forensic company, Blackhawk’s expert team of digital forensic investigators at can assist you.

Blackhawk Intelligence has assisted many companies across a multitude of different industries, each with their own unique digital security issues and digital forensic investigation requirements, and that suffered a wide range of different types of digital fraud. In each case our digital forensic investigators assisted in analysing and identifying attack patterns, weaknesses across the organisation’s computer, IT and mobile phone networks. Our goal was not only in identifying the fraud, its entry points and perpetrators, but also in preserving the evidence of the attacks in a forensic manner for later use in court against the criminals involved.

Who will benefit from our digital forensic investigation services

Essentially, any firm that has a relative complex IT and computer infrastructure. Many organisations have hit the news headlines after suffering damaging attacks. Often though, these can go un reported, with some companies preferring to keep the matter private. many of these companies though, turn to companies like Blackhawk Intelligence, as we are discrete and ensure our activities remain covert. Typical organisations and functions that could benefit from our digital forensic investigations services include:

  • Manufacturing and industrial processing companies,
  • Public authorities
  • Health organisations and medical companies
  • Technology development companies with IP to protect
  • Power distribution and supply firms
  • Supply chain management operations
  • Ecommerce companies

Most businesses today have experienced the impact of network attacks and fraud events, even white collar crime. No business is immune.

What is digital forensics?

Technology has revolutionised our world and almost every company and individual now rely on a range of digital devices to work, communicate, live and play. Such pervasive devices and services are ever expanding and they can include cloud-based services, supercomputers, high-end workstation computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, in-car devices, internet-of-things devices and alarm systems, along with the wired or wireless infrastructures used to connect them all. Accordingly, digital forensics is an umbrella term referring to methodological investigations into alleged criminal use, fraud or theft on all digital devices, services and infrastructure.

Blackhawk’s digital forensic services

We use a variety of cutting edge tools and techniques in our pursuit of the perpetrators of cybercrime. These include uncovering and analysis of files from digital devices to tracking online presence and recovering data thought lost, in order to confirm if a crime has been committed and to ascertain the next steps in preserving any evidence.

First and foremost, our digital forensic services are used to identify cases of fraud or cyber crime and attempt to preserve any evidence forensically. We then aim to recover any incriminating data for use as evidence and create a report that presents the information discovered.

Advanced forensic analysis tools

Having access to a variety of advanced digital forensics tools means that Blackhawk’s operatives and forensic analysts can use their expertise to track down and identify the perpetrator of the crime and evidence associated with it, which is essential should you wish to prosecute.

Our forensic analysis is used to both retrieve and preserve information associated with an event as well as using that information to reconstruct the actions that may have led up to the event. One of our prime tools used in this process is EnCase Forensic. This suite of tools facilitates the collection of digital evidence from many different sources and then forensically preserving it. Its workflow is customised to match the needs of the case and investigator. For the client, it provides a comprehensive but succinct report into the findings.

Due to the forensic nature of these services, the evidence that we obtain during our investigations can be used in a court of law and can help you strengthen your case.

Digital forensics can also be used preemptively to improve the integrity of your digital systems. Using what we understand about the nature and vectors used in typical attacks, we can work backwards and help secure vulnerable systems.

If you have suffered from a criminal attack against your digital systems, contact Blackhawk Intelligence’s digital forensics team today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317.

When should I engage a digital forensics company?

If you suspect that an employee within your company may be attempting to commit, or may have already been successful at committing digital fraud against your business, our digital forensic services can help.

By accessing data from computers, mobile phones and the infrastructure the perpetrators and your company use, we can forensically trace and recover evidence that can later be used in any litigation process.

Similarly, you may also be concerned about the prevalence of cyber crime and its ability to cripple your business. If such crimes have already had an effect on your business, Blackhawk’s digital forensics team can work to identify any weaknesses in your systems and processes, and the source of such crimes to help prevent them in the future.

However, if you remain untouched by cyber crime but are aware that your digital security is lacking, Blackhawk can help you to establish preventative techniques to keep your business safe. What’s more, forensic data analysis can be built into your systems, rather like a guard dog, able to provide an early warning of potential criminal activity. This acts as an effective deterrent to criminally minded employees.

Types of digital forensic services we offer

To match the ever expanding array of digital devices that can be compromised and used to commit crimes against businesses and individuals, we provide cost effective, advanced digital forensics services across the following technology areas:

computer forensics

Computer forensic services

For many businesses the desktop or laptop computer is their employee’s communication centre and repository of work-related activity. Once a digital crime is suspected and potentially associated with a user, such as data theft, IP theft, accounting fraud, employee fraud, etc., the computer essentially becomes a crime scene. The computer may contain important evidence and as such needs to be preserved. Our forensic team will quickly isolate the machines suspected to be related to a crime, so that the meta data, which holds important clues and information, is retained intact and forensically un-compromised. Read more about computer forensics services here.

mobile phone and tablet forensics

Mobile phone and tablet forensic services

For digital criminals, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the tools of the trade as they are easily hidden and identities can be changed almost at will. Even so, if a suspected crime has been perpetrated by somebody associated with your business, and if the phone can be seized quickly with its data forensically preserved, it may still contain criminally compromising data we can use. Read more about mobile device forensics services here.

IT forensic services

IT forensic services

Computers and mobile phones are the endpoints in a business’s data and communications infrastructure. However, the target of most attacks is the IT infrastructure that connects those devices to sensitive and data-rich internal and external services. Such services include network services (routers, servers, printers, etc.), company information systems, financial systems, databases, eCommerce services, email systems, supply chain management, CRM systems, administration and HR, to name just a few.

When a criminal event is suspected or detected, Blackhawk’s digital forensics team will quickly attempt to identify the compromised elements of the IT infrastructure, isolate them and forensically preserve the data evidence for analysis. Our teams can also work on a proactive basis by assisting your IT staff audit and identify company-wide IT vulnerabilities too. Read more about IT forensics services here.

forensic data analysis service

Forensic data analysis

While the analysis of data in a forensic manner is at the core of all of Blackhawk Intelligence’s digital forensics services, it can also be applied on a proactive basis. This entails building a forensically based data collection and analysis process into your basic company systems and practices. These improvements provide an early warning for potential criminal activity. This allows companies to move from being reactive to criminal events to a proactive approach that can help mitigate the risk of future events, as forensic systems can act as a deterrent, especially to employees. Read more about forensic data analysis here.

Act quickly, call Blackhawk Intelligence’s digital forensics services team

Our range of digital forensic services can help you to get to the heart of the problem where digital crime, such as fraud and cyber crime, is involved. Blackhawk can forensically evaluate any digital crimes and preserve the evidence to be used in a court of law. We can also help you protect your business from damaging attacks.

If you suspect that a crime has been committed or would like to explore ways to guard against future attacks, call us today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 for more information on how our digital forensic services can work for you.

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