Forensic investigations - a holistic approach

The word “forensics” can conjure images of TV crime shows and DNA tests in labs. Unlike Hollywood dramas which tend to show gruesome scenes and experts wrapping things up in 60 minutes, our digital and accounting forensic investigators work to identify, secure and analyse a large amount of data, often taking weeks or months to ensure that the evidence gathered can be legally used in a courtroom.

At Blackhawk Intelligence, our forensic services are divided into four areas: digital forensics, digital fraud forensics, accounting forensics, and forensic handwriting analysis.

Areas of forensic investigations

Digital forensics is the process that uses tightly-controlled scientific investigation techniques to identify, examine and analyse a crime perpetrated through computers, mobile devices, networks and databases. When a crime happens, our investigators work quickly to preserve the digital evidence because one of the most important first steps after a cyber breach is to retrieve useful data.

With businesses and consumers now using the Internet to accomplish various tasks, we have unwittingly created a greater dependency on IT and increased the level of online activities. This has given fraudsters the opportunity to scam online users and technology also allows criminals more ways to cover their tracks and perform transactions that are difficult to recover and trace. At Blackhawk Intelligence, our Digital fraud forensic specialists help global businesses to implement preventative measures to combat digital fraud.

Accounting fraud services investigate false accounting, false financial reporting and asset tracing, and other techniques that companies use to disguise their revenues and recognise costs. Our forensic accountants can help in a number of ways including:

  • In ascertaining economic damages suffered by a company through contract breach
  • When M&A go wrong and expectations or warranties are not met
  • Typical bankruptcy and insolvency cases
  • Fraud, especially securities fraud and embezzlement
  • Company valuations, perhaps in preparation for a public floatation or acquisition
  • Computer forensics that can uncover hidden information believed lost or wiped either accidentally or maliciously.
  • Professional negligence claims

Despite living in an age where most transactions take place electronically, there are still 1,000 online searches a month on the average on subjects pertaining to signature forgery including questions such as ‘is signature forgery a crime’? Yes, it is, and our forensic handwriting analysts can help to undercover any forgery, from inks used to pen pressure.

Areas when forensic investigations overlap

At Blackhawk Intelligence, our investigative forensics are becoming increasingly critical in evidential terms when helping our clients when they fall victim to fraud. In many instances, we often see an overlap between two disciplines: IT forensics and forensic accounting.

Here’s an example: when fraud happens to a company and a substantial amount of money has gone missing, they would require our asset tracing service where we help to establish where the money may have been moved to an attempting, when possible, to get it back. Swift and decisive actions are required and prospects can vary widely. In addition, our IT forensic teams then join in to help establish what has happened, as well as who, when and how for evidential terms in legal proceedings. As such, it’s crucial that:

  • Evidence is obtained in the correct way
  • The experts you use are credible, experienced and knowledgeable in their fields
  • The experts are able to produce a report in the necessary format for the courts

How Blackhawk Intelligence can help with forensic investigation

We are fortunate to have excellent, trusted and tested forensic experts to assist our clients. We have worked closely with some of the best IT forensics professionals in the UK and have one of the top forensic accountants on our management team.

If you have suspicions about your business’s finances or something doesn’t seem right, the faster you act, the better the chances of recovering information and any lost money or assets. Contact our experienced forensic investigation team today and find out how our services can help your business.

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