Background checks

Our employment background check service incorporates due diligence expertise that goes above and beyond the standard legal requirements and offers companies complete peace of mind when entering into new contracts or contractual obligations, such as recruiting new staff.

Due diligence is the process of evaluating a prospective business decision by collating all relevant information about the financial and legal circumstances of the other party, as well as any other material that may influence your decision. With a comprehensive, analytical approach to investigating potential employees, Blackhawk Intelligence guarantees that our services will assist in finding the most suitable and legitimate candidate for your employment vacancy because if there’s an anomaly or inconsistency, we’ll find it.

Do I need to do a background check?

According to statistics collated by the Risk Advisory Group in 2017, 80% of CV’s surveyed had at least one discrepancy, with CIFAS’s annual report indicating that employment fraud represents one of the largest proportions of all internal fraud cases reported.

Today, prospective employers cannot afford to ignore the role due diligence checks play in risk reduction when searching for new employees. The potential for data fraud is too high to neglect, so ensuring that you have an effective and efficient method in place for fact-checking and cross-referencing candidate applications is imperative for anyone hiring for a position. Blackhawk can offer fast, detailed pre-employment background checks on any potential employees to investigate whether they are suitable for the role advertised, as well as confirming that the application information they provide is accurate.

Regardless of the seniority of the position you’re advertising for, finding the right fit for the job is the be-all and end-all for recruiters. Blackhawk Intelligence has a proven track record when it comes to in-depth due diligence, candidate analysis and employment screening processes.

Mitigating fraud, real-life applications

Having recently had our services enlisted by a prevalent ‘top ten’ security company regarding an individual they were considering employing to Directorship level; we employed our team to inspect the legitimacy of the candidate’s record and came back with some critical findings for our client. The individual claimed to have been working for over 25 years within the security industry, including working alongside Government Agencies and purported to have a distinguished Military career while operating his own security company which provided consultancy to both private and government bodies.

Blackhawk Intelligence was commissioned to conduct a pre-employment screening accuracy check on the individual, which involved a comprehensive investigative audit of the individual’s personal and professional background. Our report uncovered concrete evidence of fraud, including but not limited to, a military career that was completely fabricated despite the individual in question openly wearing medals at public events and being a patron for Help for Heroes. Following the discovery, he was subsequently dismissed by our client.

Measures like these are Blackhawk Intelligence specialises in. We can ensure that your business is protected, and you are only considering candidates that have legitimate, truthful employment histories.

What should I look for when verifying a job candidate?

When hiring a potential candidate, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. There are a number of red flags that employers need to be aware of when considering candidates for recruitment, however, some are more difficult to recognise than others. One of the most common forms of internal employment fraud is misleading education history and professional qualifications. With only 20% of employers in the UK carrying out the required HEDD checks, it isn’t surprising why candidates feel that embellishing their CV is something they can get away with.

Sifting through a potential employee’s information is not enough to protect your company, which is why pre-employment due diligence verification checks are becoming so valuable with respect to safeguarding many business’s interests. Blackhawk’s due diligence strategies will not only provide a legal defence in the event of an incident, but we can also screen candidates for a range of background details not easily accessible for employers, including:

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Court judgements
  • Criminal records (where legally available)
  • Employment check
  • Education check
  • Qualification check
  • Regulatory or profession verification

Don’t take risks when hiring new employees, get the full picture with our due diligence pre-employment check service. For more information on the possible packages Blackhawk Intelligence is able to offer, or for a more in-depth insight into pre-employment due diligence and the protocols behind investigating potential candidates, please call us on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 or send us an email to

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