Corporate Investigation Services

We have a straightforward approach to all the services we offer :-

  • expertise and experience in the service offered.
  • a professional, ethical and lawful service.
  • an understanding of business decisions, motivations and proportionality – put simply,  on a risk/reward basis, are the services we suggest compelling for a client on this criteria?
  • with any form of possible investigation, if we discover that a case may not be worth pursuing, either before or during an investigation, we will make you aware immediately.

We share with you :-

  • a wealth of expertise and a variety of specialist skills.
  • a network of excellent contacts and resources.
  • a suite of research tools which are not generally available to business or which generally require in-depth knowledge.
  • specialist equipment for our more technical services such as surveillance and computer forensics.

Please take a look at the main corporate investigation service areas we offer on the menu on the right of this page. We look forward to discussing these with you.