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Asset Management Security Report

Asset management companies face a great number of risks, from economic to regulatory.

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Corporate Threat Assessment and Risk Management

With funds from organisations and wealthy individuals, asset management companies make well-timed investments in companies, properties, shares, bonds and/or other assets. The goal is to grow the finances of these clients.

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In this day and age, as the world is more interconnected than before, asset management companies tend to diversify its investing options – it means they don’t just explore a more comprehensive list of securities and assets to invest, they are also making investments directly in many geographical regions across the world. Their portfolio can range from the latest technology developed in Silicon Valley to coffee plantations in an emerging market. Accordingly, asset management companies face many risks.

Common risks faced by Asset Management companies

Regulatory risk – managing millions or billions of dollars on behalf of companies and individuals means asset management companies are heavily regulated. They must satisfy the regulators that they have robust procedures in place to tackle anything from money laundering to terrorist financing.

Economic risk – globalisation contributes to increased production of goods and services, but it also means any market uncertainty in one country can have a domino effect and set off a chain of unwanted events in other countries.

Fraud risk – fraudsters “cloning” an asset management firm or pretending to be from them is increasingly common. Internally, company employees can also manipulate accounts to enrich themselves.

Cyber-security risk – cyber-criminals are getting more sophisticated and will increase their attacks on Asset Management firms that have huge investment portfolios comprised of wealthy individuals and companies.

Areas we work with Asset Management companies

Intelligence gathering is our core strength. Information relevant to a location, a political situation, market trends, competitors and customers is vital to an Asset Management company making well-timed investments. At Blackhawk, we create balanced, insightful reports to Asset Management firms covering the full breadth of business areas.

Security is another core area that works side-by-side with corporate intelligence. In this day and age, companies need to know how secure the business is from internal and external threats, online and offline. This is where we come in to assist. We help Asset Management companies by putting together a security strategy that is specific to your business needs.

With the security strategy highlighting vulnerable areas in your current infrastructure, you can then make positive changes such as conducting regular training, having more rigorous internal control processes, enhanced personnel security and more stringent employee background checks.

In the event when fraud is detected, our forensic team will work with you to conduct an investigation, during which we will uncover and preserve evidence legitimately so they can be used in court.

Talk to Blackhawk Intelligence

Our security services for Asset Management companies are unrivalled. We offer security solutions of a large organisation but we maintain a personal connection and fast response that you need. Talk to us today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 about your security strategy and together, we will implement one is cost-effective and works for your business.

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