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Localised Intelligence & Risk Report

Well-timed and accurate intelligence relating to a specific location can help to mitigate risks and reveal opportunities.

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Corporate Threat Assessment and Risk Management

A regime change, a virus outbreak, recent adverse regulations, new risks of corruption, latest security threats – these challenges tend to develop rapidly over a short period and they can be dangerously disruptive. Thankfully, business leaders and company directors can rely on well-timed and accurate location-specific intelligence to make informed decisions with confidence.

The value of localised intelligence and risk reports

When information is tailored to specific requirements and locations, based on accurate intelligence gathered from agents on the ground and taking into consideration of wider geo-political issues affecting the location, business leaders can transform challenges into opportunities.

Localised intelligence empowers business leaders to:

  • Assess and manage risks pertaining to a target location
  • Reduce ambiguity and confusion
  • Respond to crises and adversity
  • Beware of any local regulatory compliance
  • Avoid communication problems due to language barriers or different business practices
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Make informed decisions to keep overseas employees, facilities and investments safe

At Blackhawk Intelligence, we prove the most up-to-date information and threat intelligence obtained from authoritative sources and gained from where it applies most critically – locally. This is where our local intelligence specialists, part of our London-based corporate intelligence team, can make a difference. We proactively monitor geo-political and security events around the world and offer localised intelligence and risk reports which accurately evaluate the environments which you operate in.

Rely on Blackhawk Intelligence for localised intelligence reports

Using progressive investigative methods, our local human intelligence (HUMINT) specialists collect, process and analyse information which is useful to your organisation and your decision-making process. Geo-political and security related events are closely monitored so you can accurately assess and manage the risks with confidence.

Information sources

Sources are dependent on the specific location. For example, the highest value sources are identified and utilised as per the location, but typical sources include:

  1. Open sources (from reports in local language(s) to media in English)
  2. Local HUMINT (Human intelligence) gathered by means of interpersonal contact
  3. International security reports, e.g. from embassies & diplomatic sources

Types of localised intelligence and risk reports from Blackhawk Intelligence

As every organisation faces a unique set of risks and requirements, our approach is highly responsible. You can pick and choose the type of local intelligence you are after and engage us at a level that suits your business objectives. For example, you can choose to receive daily security reports or emergency action notifications.

  1. Daily Security Reports: delivering fresh updates on daily incidents & events.
  2. Emergency Action Notifications: providing real-time notifications and alerts on current events and risk factors, offering suggestions on what to avoid and recommended responses to specific situations. Typically, when our local agents receive the information, they verify and do a quick analysis, before sending out to key personnel of your organisation within 30 minutes.

Format of the briefings

The format, frequency and target audience are tailored to each client. However, there are two popular client formats:

  1. Detailed weekly updates including forecasts and risk matrices
  2. HUMINT briefings on particular issues

There is no room for compromise

Our corporate intelligence team oversees five functions – due diligence, research, security, GDPR and risk management. Localised intelligence is part of risk management with cross-functional support from due diligence, research and security teams.

Multidisciplinary and dynamic, our corporate intelligence team consists of investigators, financial analysts and lawyers, as well as a global network of intelligence experts. We have the expertise and resources to assist the UK and international clients with issues concerning their business ventures and facilities overseas.

Every piece of local intelligence and security threat is professionally researched, cross-reference and delivered through cost-effective local intelligence reports.

How companies use our localised intelligence reports

Case #1

Company A had a factory in a city which witnessed a series of demonstrations that had disrupted its operations. Our local intelligence team monitored the situation closely and kept Company A updated as the events unfolded. Then one of our localised reports forewarned of protests that might shut down the regional airport. Upon learning this, the company took proactive steps to stop personnel from flying in and out, successfully keeping its employees safe and minimise business disruption in the process.

Case #2

Company B planned to invest in a precious metal mine in a remote region. Before sending the first team of geologists over to drill for samples, the company asked for a localised intelligence report. Specifically, they wanted to know the kidnapping risks of precious metal workers in the area, as these workers are vulnerable to kidnapping in some countries. We compiled statistics of crime and corruption pertaining to the location, along with the latest advice on personal security, HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) and first-aid training.

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