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Post Transactional Due Diligence

Even with well-thought-out plans in place, business transactions can lead to problems that put your company at risk of loss.

If you’ve experienced a loss after a business transaction, our post-transactional due diligence services will help you identify what went wrong and how to recover from the situation.

Imagine this scenario:
You, Company A, bought inventory from Company B. After you made the transaction, you found out that Company B didn’t actually exist. This transaction resulted in your company not receiving the goods and suffering a financial loss.

In this scenario, your best option is to carry out post-transactional due diligence to identify what went wrong and how to recover from the situation.

What is post-transactional due diligence?

Due diligence is the investigative task that identifies, verifies and confirms the claims of another party. Ideally, due diligence is thoroughly carried out before a business transaction. However, that is not always the case.

Post-transactional due diligence is the act of carrying out due diligence after a business transaction has been made. This act is necessary when a company suffers a loss or experiences a negative consequence after a business transaction.

Getting to the heart of business transactions gone awry

Risk is always present when doing business and mistakes can happen. We understand this and are sensitive to this when conducting our investigations.

Through a mix of investigation and analysis, our team will review the process and actions that led up to the loss, whether it was legal, financial or commercial. The outcome of our investigations will be a holistic report with guidance on practical solutions to implement into your business operations to pre-empt and prevent future losses. We will also offer our asset tracing services if you decide to prosecute and wish to recover lost assets.

Talk to Blackhawk Intelligence today on +44 (0)20 8108 9317. We can help you uncover what went awry in your business transaction.

What are the key components in our post-transactional due diligence process?

Post transactional Due Diligence

Complex analysis

Many cases are complex in terms of legal, accounting and commercial issues. We analyse each strand of the problem in order to give you an in-depth holistic report on the situation.

Holistic reports

Every business is unique, and our holistic reports reflect that fact. To create our reports, we analyse your business, identify your business needs, examine the underlying problems and provide practical solutions for your business.

Practical solutions

Our practical solutions include suggestions on reforming internal procedures, dealing with external agencies and clients as well as pursuing rogue employees to the full extent of the law.

Asset tracing & recovery

Making use of our asset tracing expertise, we work closely with your appointed external law team to locate, secure and realise assets wrongfully defrauded from the business. This often involves injunctive relief, asset freezing, Anton Piller and Norwich Pharmacal orders*.

*Anton Piller order: A court order that provides the right to search premises and seize relevant evidence without warning. This is to prevent potential evidence destruction. An Anton Piller order is also known as a search and seize order.
Asset freezing order: Formerly referred to as a Mareva injunction, this order prevents the entity on the receiving end from disposing of the assets.
Norwich Pharmacal order (NPO): In cases where you’re unaware of the identity of who caused you harm, this court order requires a third-party who is involved in the situation (regardless of their innocence) to disclose the identity of the wrongdoer.

Prosecution support

We will support you in the prosecution process with the evidence gathered from the post-transactional due diligence investigation.

Post-transactional due diligence with Blackhawk Intelligence

Occasionally, problems from business transactions crop up with some resulting in severe losses. If your company is experiencing or suspects that something related to a business transaction is not quite what it should be, Blackhawk Intelligence’s post-transactional due diligence team can help.

For any enquiries regarding our post-transactional due diligence services, give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9317.

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