Corporate Intelligence Service For Companies Undertaking New Business Ventures And Acquisitions

Is your company about to undertake a new business venture, maybe through merger or acquisition?

Do you know who you are about to do business with and would you like to avoid any nasty surprises?

Knowing who or what you are really dealing with gives your organisation a stronger negotiating position and better risk management.

Increasing fraud by people and businesses around the world has resulted increasing pressure on companies to meet compliance, money laundering and anti-corruption legislation. You need more than just due diligence, you need ‘enhanced due diligence.’

Blackhawk Intelligence’s corporate intelligence service gathers information on business entities and individuals surrounding your venture. This provides the necessary insights and intelligence to allow critical decisions to be made with minimised risk and greater confidence – a greater level of due diligence.

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Blackhawk has a lengthy track record of assisting companies with intelligence gathering to support new acquisitions and business ventures with other individuals and companies, both here in the UK and overseers. This has ranged from straight forward background checks and due diligence to complex intelligence assignments involving multiple companies and agents.
Fraud Investigators
Our goal is to help you uncover exactly what lies behind the venture; the people, the companies and the risks, providing your organisation with:

  • The basis for better informed business decisions
  • Securing a stronger negotiating position
  • Information for more effective risk management
  • Collecting evidential information
  • Information to help assess compliance, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption legislation

Blackhawk’s experience covers many industries, including; government, banking, finance, retail, services and property. Our service is professional, discrete, legal, ethical and highly effective, with many satisfied clients served over the years.

Some of the services that may be used in area include:

  • Due diligence
  • Background checks & background screening
  • Corporate intelligence gathering
  • Competitive intelligence gathering
  • Internet research and investigation
  • Corporate risk assessment
  • Fraud checks

If you want to know more about the people and companies you are about to enter business dealings with, call Blackhawk in confidence on +44 (0)20 8108 9317 or use the contact form below.