Corporate background checks-man ticking boxesIn any business, there are times when you need to seek information about a person or an entity to establish one’s reliability and integrity.

Background checks, or background investigations, are conducted by professionals to determine whether there are any historical and present data which may indicate one’s trustworthiness or interfere with one’s ability to perform certain things. At Blackhawk Intelligence, our Investigative Services cover background checks and international investigations, among other services that can help you make informed business decisions.

There are two forms of corporate background checks – business background checks and pre-employment background checks.

Business background checks

The risk of doing business with the wrong person, locally or internationally, is substantial. Be it a new supplier or a new partner, once you have access to accurate and verified information about them, you can make important decisions that benefit your business.

The information you seek can range from an individual’s business history to an entity’s financial records. Our business background checks specialists, comprising of financial, legal and investigative analysts, can provide detailed reports to you before you commit to a business transaction such as buying, selling, partnering and leasing of commercial assets.

Consenting to business background checks

It must be noted that there are instances where we need consent before conducting a business background check. In many cases, if the person or the entity has a genuine business interest, then they are most likely to corporate. Those that object to any form of background checks outright without valid reasons could be a sign that something is amiss.

Pre-employment background checks

Pre-employment background checks are crucial when recruiting a new person into your company. At Blackhawk Intelligence, we provide three services pertaining to pre-employment screening to companies worldwide:

  • Employment investigation
  • Executive background checks
  • Criminal background checks

To perform a thorough check, our team looks at one’s employment history, previous criminal records and illegal drug use. We can also collect information discreetly from sources who know the person – previous employers, colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Consenting to pre-employment background checks

With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), performing background checks is slightly more complicated as you (the employer) are required to tell the applicant what data are being collected, why, and how they are being used.

However, information available on the internet, social media, newspapers, company house, land registry and public records do not require consent from the applicant.

An individual’s consent is generally required if the information is about criminal records, credit checks and information held by government offices.

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We can also tailor our background check services to your specific business needs, with our highly experienced teams providing you with accurate results efficiently, saving you time and money.

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