Our client was entering a potential purchase of a brownfield site with the intention to redevelop it. The client knew that a certain amount of remedial work was required before redevelopment could begin, in the region of £4 million. However, during the process, the client became aware that remedial costs were likely substantially higher, closer to £20 million. Furthermore, our client believed that the broker in the transaction was fully aware of the actual extent of remedial work required, and also believed that the broker had a mutually beneficial (secret profit) relationship with the site’s vendor.

How Blackhawk Approached The Case

During the pursuit of this case we used the following investigative tools and skills:

  • Conducted full management & shareholding analysis of all vendor and broker businesses
  • Reviewed planning permissions, representations and historical marketing material
  • Established how financial benefit would flow from purchaser through broker to vendor and related parties
  • Skills – understanding of corporate environment; interviewing of witnesses; archive searching (written and electronic)
  • Assessment of perpetrator’s motivating factors

What Contributed To Success

Each step of our private investigative work was carried out discretely and without the knowledge of the vendor or broker.

During the course of the investigation we ensured that any evidence or witness statements were not prejudiced and could be used for litigation purposes.

We developed a trusting relationship and good report with the client and extended this to a Litigation Lawyer for follow-up as court witness.

Client Testimonial

We want to thank Blackhawk Intelligence for the help they gave us with our case. The team was professional and efficient.

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