Our client faced a situation many small to medium companies dread, that of taking an idea or early stage product to a much larger organisation to take the product to the next stage. In this instance our client was a small engineering consultancy who made presentations, under NDA, to a much larger multi-billion dollar international manufacturer.

After the presentations, the larger company claimed that they had a prior claim over the technology our client presented. As such our client believed that their intellectual property was being stolen.

How Blackhawk Approached The Case

  • This was a case where the allegation was that a tribunal was not impartial when it heard the claim of the small consultancy
  • Since the large company has such extensive business history, it was true that they had worked with and appeared before the tribunal’s representative before
  • We looked into personal relationships and non-disclosures of conflicts

What Contributed To Success

Ultimately our client did not succeed, though our investigation was able to provide the strong belief that there was no inappropriate relationship between the tribunal, expert witnesses and the large company to the detriment of the small consultancy.

This finding assisted the client in ending their claim rather than potentially bankrupting their business through pursuing a legal appeal process that had a reduced chance of success.

Our factors playing a part in the outcome included:

  • Careful planning
  • Teamwork and working to a budget
  • Working to a staged approach


Client Testimonial

The results of Blackhawk’s investigation assisted us in making the right decision – a decision that saved our business.

Case Leader