The case involved an Insolvency Lawyer that was pursuing a business couple from the UK who had a history of trading through insolvent companies. Attempts to pursue them and recover assets were complicated when the couple moved from the UK to another European country and then reinvested the assets in property development.


How Blackhawk Approached The Case

During the pursuit of this case we used the following investigative tools and skills:

  • A UK investigation was conducted and then this was expanded to cover the perpetrators adopted jurisdiction.
  • A local provider in the jurisdiction, one of Blackhawk’s contacts, was engaged and instructed on a limited basis for the asset trace. Their results were cross-checked against the trace results of our team in order to confirm holdings.
  • Skills included the ability to rapidly and reliably comprehend local jurisdictional procedures for filing, registering title to a property and the validity and veracity of such registry records.

What Contributed To Success

Blackhawk believes that there were two main contributing factors to the successful outcome in this case and the separation maintained between them that helped increase the validity of the information (through cross-checking) we gained.

  1. The first was in tracing the individuals and the company involved in the fraud which led to the identification of an address for service.
  2. The second was the in the identification of assets of the individuals.

Maintaining a close dialogue with the client was a key part of this projects success. The client had full visibility of process and was able to work with our team to guide the enquiry as it unfolded.

Client Testimonial

We really appreciate the work from Blackhawk Intelligence’s Asset Tracing team.

Case Leader