Litigation Support Services

Litigation happens. Sometimes going to court is unavoidable, despite the best efforts of those involved. When this happens, especially in high stakes litigation or arbitration cases, it’s critical to have all the facts of the case, intelligence and gathered evidence that supports it at your disposal. Collecting the information to support your case through investigation, tracing people or assets, research and analysis of the evidence available is Blackhawk’s expertise.

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Who Uses Our Litigation Support Services

Our services are typically retained by individuals, law firms and company legal counsels. Our experience centres around obtaining critical information from those involved in a case and gathering the necessary supporting evidence through a combination of investigation, tracing, surveillance and analysis. Our ability to impartially review the information we gather about your case means we are well placed to advise on your options going forward.

Litigation support services we offer fall broadly into two categories: Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence.

Civil Litigation

There’s nothing worse than losing a case in court because crucial information was either missing or proven inadmissible or unreliable to provide the weight of evidence necessary to gain a successful outcome. Blackhawk Intelligence has years of experience assisting clients in gathering the necessary evidence through investigations, surveillance and interviews, whether for commercial litigation cases or those brought about on personal grounds. Our extensive experience in tracing people and the assets they may have squirrelled away, assists clients in evaluating whether a case is worth pursuing or not, by making a financial assessment of the litigant’s net worth.

Our staff have extensive experience in representing client civil proceedings in County Courts and the High Courts. We’ve seen success over a wide range of cases, from personal and corporate frauds, multi-million-pound divorce cases, search and seizure orders and much more. Backed by our comprehensive support services, such as pre-litigation support, IT Forensics services, gaining access to evidence and preserving its integrity for use in court; all within necessary legal frameworks.

Criminal Defence

Often, when companies find a serious fraud or other criminal act against the company has occurred, suspicion can fall on quite innocent individuals. These individuals may have been unwitting parties to fraud, perhaps because their identity was used to perpetrate a fraud within a company’s systems. Other times, simply because they were just doing their normal job, unaware they were caught up in a web of conspiracy and deception.

Blackhawk’s investigators are skilled at uncovering evidence that can help prove an individual’s innocence. Our forensic investigators can unearth tell-tale signals in accounting records through to IT and computer systems, even identifying old style forged signatures through our forensic handwriting service.

Third Party Disclosure Orders

During the process of identifying assets that have been misappropriated, we regularly seek orders requiring banks and other appropriate third parties to disclose information. Such orders are particularly useful when attempting to locate funds that have been transferred through multiple bank accounts.

Litigation Support As Unique As The Cases We Serve

Blackhawk has a full suite of investigative and analysis tools available to support your case. We are able to provide a decisive mix of services tailored to match the unique needs of your case; from high net worth divorce cases, finding out whether the other party has assets worth pursuing that can be used to compensate you or your company, from background checks of individuals and firms, to complex multi-jurisdiction cases requiring surveillance, international tracing, intelligence and evidence gathering.  International cases are a particular speciality too.

Preserving The Evidence

Critical to any case is evidence that can lead to an outcome in your favour. Key to this is ensuring the forensic integrity of the evidence is preserved. Our expert intelligence and evidence gathering processes and operations mean the evidence we uncover can be used in a court of law.

Having a professional litigation support team behind you will make all the difference in obtaining a successful outcome, so call Blackhawk’s expert litigation support team today.

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