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In this technological age, fraud is an ever-growing issue for businesses. It is now easier than ever to commit digital crimes and, in many cases, to get away with it. However, Blackhawk’s skilled team of forensic investigators are on hand to defend you and your business against these cyber criminals. Our years of experience means that we can get to the bottom of fraud cases to help keep your business safe and to stop digital crime in its tracks. As well as dealing with fraud, we are also familiar with bankruptcy and insolvency cases, and can offer assistance when merger and acquisitions go wrong.

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What are Blackhawk’s forensic services?

Our forensic services encompass a selection of forensic techniques that are designed to identify, secure and analyse a range of data. The term ‘forensic’ implies that the evidence gathered in an investigation can be legally used in a courtroom. This means that you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your case has the evidence it needs to succeed.

Digital Forensics

Computers, mobile phones and online resources can hold a wealth of information that can point in the direction of fraud or cyber crime. Our digital forensics team can access these digital caches in order to find and trace the data to the culprit. Based on what we find, we can also work with you to improve your digital safety. This aims to ensuring that your business is better armed against future fraud or cyber crime cases.

Forensic Accounting

Similarly, forensic accounting can also identify fraud within your business. Besides tracking down the culprit, forensic accounting is a valuable tool that assesses the motivation an employee or business partner may have to commit fraud in the first place. This is particularly useful because it allows you to understand how and why your business has been targeted, which essentially means you can work to prevent your business from being taken advantage of in the future. In addition to assisting in fraud cases, forensic accounting can also be used in conjunction with bankruptcy and insolvency cases, as well as helping you to manage issues with merger and acquisition deals.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Finally, our forensic handwriting analysis service provides unique assistance to those who are dealing with forged business documents. Forging documents associated with your business is a fraudulent offence and can critically damage your company’s reputation and cash flow. Our handwriting experts have much experience with analysing documents and can conduct forensic level tests to determine whether or not they are forged and fraudulent.

It’s important to realise that forgeries don’t just affect your business; they can also affect your personal life. Forged wills, counterfeited entitlements and doctored documents can all enter the private domain and create havoc. Hence, it is essential that you are aware of the damage forged documents can do and that you understand how we can help you set things straight.

How can your business benefit from Blackhawk’s forensic services?

The goal of our forensic services is to ensure that your business is protected against fraud or cyber crime. However, if you have already been a victim of digital crime, Blackhawk can work with you to prevent such crimes from affecting your business again in the future. We can also use our expertise to help you identify and prosecute the culprit if necessary. As is the nature of forensic work, the evidence that we obtain during our investigation can be legally used in court. Our expert team will advise you on the next course of action to take following the results of their initial case analysis.

In addition to working with you to prevent digital crime, our forensic services are useful in assessing the potential damage that can be created from business partnerships, such as in the cases of mergers and acquisitions. We can also work with you to evaluate any bankruptcy or insolvency issues your business may be having. Furthermore, Blackhawk provides support if your company is struggling with economic concerns caused by a breach in contract. In this case, you may need forensic accountancy assistance to determine the extent of the matter, as well as professional guidance to help rectify it.

Taking your case to court

Using Blackhawk’s forensic services can protect you and your business against fraud. It can also give you the evidence you need to push forward with a litigation case, whether due to fraud or some other issue such as a contract breach or bankruptcy. Since the evidence we collect is done so forensically, our reports can be used in a court of law, ultimately helping you to win your case against the fraudsters.

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