UK investigations experts

Companies and individuals in the UK are facing a greater risk of fraud than ever before, with a think tank suggesting that fraud has reached epidemic levels in the UK and estimated to cost businesses and individuals some £190bn a year. The impact of fraud also goes beyond financial losses – it drives honest companies to the brink of collapse and causes stress and disruption to the victims, their employees, families, and communities.

As there is no one solution to address all types of fraud, prevention remains the most effective way to combat fraud. This is why companies today demand:

  • Unique knowledge to mitigate risks
  • Due diligence to determine the legitimacy of a business partner
  • Real-time intelligence to enhance one’s strategy advantage
  • Discreet and thorough investigations to uncover fraud or corruption activities
  • The use of cutting-edge forensics to assist investigations
  • The ability to trace lost or misappropriated assets

All the above services are covered by our UK specialists, supported by our team in Israel and a global network of agents. Together, we assist UK companies and individuals in peeling back the layers of their next venture – within the UK and abroad. Our work will expose undisclosed information, which can potentially save our clients from financial and reputational loss.

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