UK Expertise Background

antivirus and firewallIt’s clear that Governments in the West spend fortunes on their security, domestic and internationally. Top businesses also take security of their assets, whether physical or in cyberspace, very seriously indeed.

But have you ever wondered where companies really get the level of expertise they need, expertise that is almost always outside of their own capabilities, from?

Sure, companies that have their own internal security divisions, be that cybersecurity or in-house fraud detection and prevention teams, often recruit from outside. But deeper than that, where does that core expertise come from? Keep peeling back the layers.

Experts who really understand the meaning of security

It’s not a big secret that as you peel, you start to find that the real corporate intelligence expertise, whether through individuals or technologies and processes, often originates from within the Israeli intelligence services or from Israeli companies dedicated to enhanced security. And for good reason too.

Even the US Department Of Homeland Security draws expertise from Israeli based experience, particularly in threat identification. So too do many of the world’s top companies. As you start to peel back, you’ll find expertise, experience and technologies that originated in Israel. Top airlines aren’t the only companies to take this onboard, with Israeli based companies often taking top honours in cybersecurity awards, any company with a desire to protect what they’ve built are looking to incorporate this experience.

Put our expert resources to work for your company

So, hopefully, it shouldn’t come as a surprise then if we tell you that at Blackhawk, the very same security and intelligence ideology, experience and expertise is at the core of who we are and what we do.

So why not take a leaf out of the book of some of the world’s top companies and talk to Blackhawk about improving your corporate intelligence capabilities.