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Blackhawk Intelligence, based in Herzelia Pituach, are leading company investigators and international due diligence experts, providing the very best level of company intelligence services to Israeli Companies doing business around the world.

Israel is renown as one of the world’s leading tech hubs and centres for technological creativity and advancement. Business from around the world have technology centres based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and developing tech hubs such as Modiin, half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

New International Due Diligence, Intelligence & Investigations Office

We’ve recently opened a new office close to Tel Aviv, located minutes from the Ritz Carlton. Our goal is to extend out busines investigation and intelligence gathering services to companies in Israel that are exploring or currently expanding their business overseas. We can assist almost any Israeli company with due diligence services that help them find out who their potential overseas partners really are and what risk they may be exposed to.

Always never far from successful enterprise and creativity is the threat from espionage, fraud and corruption.  Blackhawk Investigations office in Tel Aviv is ideally located to assist companies identify and eliminate threats to their business operations as they expand overseas in to international markets. We provide a broad range of specialised investigations and intelligence services, designed for Israel based companies, in four main service areas:

Company & Personal Loss Prevention, includes:

Tracing Specialists, includes:

Digital Fraud Detection and Investigations, includes:

Corporate & Personal Loss Prevention, includes:

Take Control of Risk

Businesses are exposed to many forms of risk, from corporate and industrial espionage, advanced fraud schemes, internal issues with employees and fraudulent activity in the supply chain. Our goal is to assist your company proactively eliminate many of these risk areas; internally and externally. Business activities that become the attention for criminal intent can be protected though appropriate business security, expert planning and advice best sizegenetics reviews. Ensuring thorough background checks are carried out on individuals prior to employment, particularly if these are executive positions, or thorough due diligence carried out on a company involved in a merger or acquisition deal, are common examples.

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Phone: 972-77-6935814Our Tel Aviv location really puts our company back in touch with the roots of corporate intelligence services, see why here.

If your company is looking to expand internationally and requires expert due diligence services to help identify risks, talk to us today!

Perhaps you suspect your business has fallen victim to some form of damaging activity or data security breach, then Blackhawk can help immediately. We have a range of discrete services that can help you identify the source of the problem, collect the evidence you need legally and ethically, to take to the relevant authorities if necessary. Whether you suspect your business has fallen victim to potentially criminal activity or just need to get to the bottom of problems with people, employees and business partners, Blackhawk can help.

Call us today for an initial discussion and discover just how we can help reduce your international risk through expert international due diligence.