Jana co-ordinates and manages multi-jurisdictional investigations with her main focus on emerging markets, Russia and CIS countries. She was originally trained by Blackhawk as an investigative analyst. Since then she has independently carried out various corporate investigations for Blackhawk’s clients.

In her current capacity of operations manager, she is involved in the ongoing development of Blackhawk’s global sales network, strengthening its international business presence and its overall performance. Her strategic thinking strengths expertly compliment her natural operational skills, making her a critical element to the team and to the success of Blackhawk’s client cases.

On the inside:

Prior to joining Blackhawk, Jana had worked for The Office of Legal Affairs at INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon. As a part of the Trafficking in Illicit Goods Directorate, she received an thorough grounding in international legal frameworks and practical knowledge in the field of global security.

Jana is also the project co-ordinator for the Blackhawk Charity Foundation which helps disadvantaged and terminally ill children in the UK and across the world. In her spare time, she enjoys fine art, theatre, outdoor pursuits and travelling.

On the outside:

Jana holds an LLM in International Business Law, a BS Hons in International Relations and Strategic Studies and successfully completed an exchange programme at The University of Miami. A native Russian speaker, she is also fluent in English, Latvian and Ukrainian. Having lived and studied in the UK, US, France, Latvia, Russia and India, she is a true multiculturalist and cosmopolitan business professional.

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