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As a business owner, your aim is to provide a product or service that enables you to make as much profit as possible. Experiencing a loss, whether that be monetary or employee based, is not ideal. The difficult thing about seeing a loss within your company is actually being able to identify where it has come from and why it has come about.

Our intelligence services can help you to pinpoint where things have potentially gone wrong, allowing you to rectify them and to prevent the same loss from occurring again in the future.

Where to start?

There are a lot of reasons why your company may be experiences losses. Everything from the people you employ to the business deals you make could be a factor. At Blackhawk, our aim is to work with you to identify where these losses are being made. We can do this through a series of due diligence and forensic accounting services that are designed to give you a clear and comprehensive picture of your business, thus giving you better control over these losses and helping you to avoid them.

Due diligence

Due diligence is one of the most crucial services that you can implement in order to work out where losses are being made. There are a number of services that fall under due diligence. At Blackhawk, we offer extensive employee background checks. These are comprehensive, with a goal of identifying any red flags regarding an employee already working within your business or an individual who you are looking to hire. If any candidates seem too good to be true, or are hiding a slightly worrying past, you can make the necessary steps to terminate their employment, thereby preventing any impending losses within your company.

As well as looking into potential and current employees, we will also conduct background checks on companies that you wish to do business with. We are experts in investigating on a company level, including companies overseas, to help you make a sound and well informed business decision. It’s important that you are aware of any possible risks before you sign a contract on a sale, acquisition or merger. This can save you from losses in the near future.

Forensic accounting

Our forensic accounting service is intended to spot and trace likely fraudulent activity within your company. This is a useful tool as it not only recognises the fraud and the person behind it, whether that be an employee or a business partner, but it also takes into account the motivation of this individual. Identifying the fraud early on can really help you to prevent significant losses to your business.

One of the best things about our service is that our findings and subsequent reports can be used in a court of law. This can be particularly helpful if you are thinking about pursuing a litigation case and require hard, factual based evidence.

Blackhawk can help save you money!

With our loss prevention service you can guarantee to rapidly identify and target potential losses within your business. Ultimately, our goal is to support you and your business, helping you to succeed and your business to grow.

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