shu-eDiscovery-magnifying glass-133098560.-Mega PixeljpgIn today’s day and age, the complexities of our data infrastructure make it much easier for individuals to hide their fraudulent activities. Computer forensics is key in helping to uncover fraud within a company.

If you suspect someone of committing fraud within your company, hiring experts to identify and analyse the data is the best way to attain evidence that can be used in a litigation process.

Recovering data

Resolving disputes or identifying fraud can be successfully achieved through analysing electronically stored information (ESI). Our eDiscovery/eDisclosure services follow this process:

  • Identification
  • Preservation
  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Review
  • Production
  • Presentation

Adhering to this process allows us to ensure that the data we obtain maintains its forensic level integrity. It also allows us to present it in an acceptable format that can be easily understood and can translate in court during the litigation process.

Blackhawk acts quickly and efficiently in order to obtain the important electronic information that you need for your court case. This also allows you enough time to analyse the data and to be familiar with the results before you head to court. We also ensure that our service costs are transparent so that you are aware of what you’re paying for.

Ultimately, eDiscovery/eDisclosure is a complex process that involves legal expertise as well as technical knowledge, but it is one that will definitely assist you in identifying potential fraud within your company as well as supporting you through the litigation process.

IT forensics

As well as eDiscovery/eDisclosure services, Blackhawk can support you with a range of other IT forensics that can detect fraudulent activity at its source. Our IT forensic investigators are experts at uncovering crucial data and have a lot of experience in analysing computer based evidence.

Some of our IT forensic services include:

These forensic services, coupled with our eDiscovery/eDisclosure services, can help us to identify any fraud occurring within your company and can also lead us to the culprit. The evidence we attain using these forensic techniques can be used in a court of law to support your case.

International services

Blackhawk has offices in Israel and partners across the globe, giving us the unique opportunity to extend our services internationally. With help from our international colleagues, we are able to provide evidence for multi-jurisdictional cases. This means that Blackhawk can support you during an overseas dispute if necessary, providing our expertise to help get the best outcome for you.

If you need to uncover electronically stored information to use in a litigation case, or you’d like some more information on how our IT forensic services can help you, call Blackhawk today on 020 7788 8983.

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