Fraud alert appears on computer screen
Fraud can affect any individual and any business, even a top football manager like José Mourinho has been caught in fraud’s sticky web. The Manchester United manager is currently under investigation for alleged tax fraud. He has been accused of using offshore accounts in Ireland, the British Virgin Islands and New Zealand to hide his earnings.

These charges were made by the Spanish Inland Revenue, who state that he has neglected to pay his tax contributions, pertaining to £2.9m, when he was the manager of Real Madrid in 2011 and 2012. Instead of fighting the charges, Mourinho agree to pay the fee, of which the exact amount was not revealed. He has since indicated that the case was “definitively closed”, however the court did not confirm this.

Mourinho was, apparently, under the impression that when he left Spain in 2013, his tax situation was correct and legal. According to the Spanish tax authorities, this has not been the case, and even though Mourinho has paid the fees, the investigation remains open.

Don’t let fraud interfere with your business

Fraud can have a big impact on your company and can involve anything from taking cash and goods, to money laundering, false financial reporting and investment scams. Suspecting fraud within your business is never a nice feeling, but it’s important to act on your suspicious as soon as possible. Waiting too long with a fraud case can mean that your business is taken advantage of and you lose money.

Having Blackhawk in your corner can make the process a lot easier to deal with. Our experts have a range of capabilities including:

As well as this, we have an in-house legal team that can offer advice and support on your case. We also pride ourselves on our international network that we can use to track down offshore money, property, stocks and shares.

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If you suspect corporate fraud within your business for any reason, it’s important that you get advice from a professional fraud investigation team, like Blackhawk. We can discuss your worries and concerns with you and create a detailed plan outlining the options available. With this in mind, we can discreetly move forward with you to identify evidence regarding the fraud and to give you the legal advice you need to take the next step.

Our service is tailored to your needs and with your budget in mind. We will provide you with a fixed fee proposal once we’ve agreed on the best course of action for your case. At the end of our investigation, we will compile a detailed report of our findings. This report can be used as evidence in a court of law should you choose to prosecute the fraudster.

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