IT Forensics

All businesses today are reliant to some extent on IT services, such as the internet, internal networks or intranets, computing technologies and access technologies such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The potential for fraud has never been greater and so has the need for companies to turn to IT forensics investigators.

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More than 80% of corporate data is stored electronically and most new data is created and used in electronic form. Paper based transactions are much less the norm.

New access technologies, data distribution and sharing, such as mobile devices, online accounts, and cloud based computing are creating increased opportunities for criminal activity, or at the very least, putting temptation in people’s way. When sophisticated fraud takes place that takes advantage of the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, equally sophisticated techniques are required to prevent them or detect them if the happen. Where crime detection is concerned, protecting the integrity of the evidence is critical for it to be admissible in a court of law. This is where the IT forensics investigator is required.  IT Forensic Analysis is also a key element to our eDiscovery Services.

In particular, computer based evidence is now vital in the majority of business and employment legal disputes which arise especially where theft, fraud, inappropriate employee activity or competitor foul play  is suspected.

Obtaining and preserving the necessary evidence at the earliest opportunity is vital in the above situations and the process should be handled by accredited IT Forensics experts who are not only able to find information which may have been hidden or even deleted but to ensure that the process employed is legally and evidentially correct. Dealing with these situations internally, in many cases, can result in evidence which is otherwise compelling  being disallowed by a court based on a technicality.

Expert IT Forensics

We provide highly experienced and accredited IT forensics expert advice and service to law firms and other clients which includes :-

  • Data recovery
  • Employee internet misuse
  • Criminal fraud and deception cases
  • Suspected competitor espionage or hacking
  • Unauthorised transfer or removal of confidential information including customer or supplier data
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employment law investigations


Each case is different but the following are common activities associated with computer forensic work:-

  • Secure the hardware in question to prevent tampering
  • Obtain and copy the hard drive
  • Identify and recover all files (including recoverable deleted files)
  • Access hidden, protected and/or temporary files
  • Investigate data/settings from installed applications and programs

Once a thorough analysis has been completed and/or data recovery finalised, our IT forensics investigator provide a detailed written report and witness statement where necessary. Our team are experienced in giving evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.

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