Digital fingerprint on binary codeThe flames, the smoke, the 72 lives lost – the Grenfell Tower fire shocked London and the world.

With the anniversary of the fire fast approaching, inquiries are still ongoing to find out what exactly happened on 14 June 2017, and to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. But when it comes to figuring out who was liable for this fateful accident, it’s not easy to put your finger on any one culprit.

This is where digital forensics comes in. Forensic Architecture, a research agency using architectural evidence to help international prosecutors, human rights organisations and political and environmental justice groups, is at the forefront of new digital forensic technology that may help with the criminal investigations. With this technology, they have created a database that includes an interactive 3D model of Grenfell and footage of that fateful night. The idea behind this work is to throw up new leads in the investigation and to figure out how a fire of this magnitude happened in the first place.

As part of their Grenfell Media Archive, Forensic Architecture has asked the public to contribute their own footage so that they can develop a substantial database that can be used as evidence in both the criminal investigation and the public inquiry. The subsequent 3D model that they create (with the footage superimposed onto the model) is a new way to make the testimonies of the Grenfell survivors and witnesses more credible in light of the trauma they have experienced.

Digital forensics can be used in your business too

As well as being used to help solve crimes and pinpoint areas of concern, digital forensics can be utilised in your business too. As a specialised tool, it can identify and secure information from a variety of digital devices, such as computers, the Internet and mobile phones. This is especially useful if you want to prosecute the culprits of a digital crime such as fraud or cyber crime. As the name suggests, digital forensics has a forensic element, which allows the evidence collated during a digital investigation to be used in a court of law.

Our digital forensic services can also be used to protect your business from digital crime rather than just being employed as a legal tool after a digital crime has been committed. Our pre-emptive security measures are vital to ensuring that your business remains safe as we can help beef up your digital security. If you’re concerned about the growing prevalence of cyber crime and the ability it has to paralyse your business, it’s a good idea to get in touch with us before your business is affected.

Ultimately, our digital forensic team can help you with a range of services including:

At Blackhawk, we believe that you know your business best, so when you have a gut feeling about something (or someone), you should act on it sooner rather than later. We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to helping businesses that have been on the receiving end of digital crime, whether it’s fraudulent activity from within the company or cyber crime attacking from the outside, so you can trust that your business is safe in our hands.

As a corporate investigation service based in London, Blackhawk has a dedicated team of forensic experts who can help keep your business safe from digital crime. Call us today on 020 7788 8983 to find out how we can use our digital forensic services to support you in a court of law.