Loss Prevention Services

Companies risk ‘loss’ at many points in the day-to-day operation of their business. It might be through the actions (or inaction) or employees, or because due diligence for a new venture wasn’t ‘diligent’ enough. Blackhawk’s loss prevention team provide a range of services to help you combat loss throughout your business operations.

Employ The Right People

Most businesses live or die by their staff. Make a wrong call at hiring stage and research suggests the cost of the rehiring process will be up to three times the job’s original salary. The more senior the post, the greater the risk, so avoid a loss prevention strategy at your peril.

Employing anyone involves some risk – and the more senior the post, the higher the stakes. The statistics speak for themselves. According to various recent polls, over 50% of candidates lie on their CVs.

High unemployment, a reduced desire to work, and more people living beyond their means all lead to more employees risking all by stealing from their workplace to service increasing debt and unsustainable lifestyles.

Add in a much more flexible and mobile workforce that regularly changes jobs, and background checks into disciplinary and performance records become more time-consuming and costly and yet also increasingly vital for an employer’s peace of mind.

Diligent Enhanced Due Diligence

The same can be said of enhanced due diligence, an exhaustive series of checks that looks beyond mere paper trails of accounts and corporate documents to provide a detailed assessment of the possible risks, financial or otherwise, in any prospective business relationship.

You may want to sell a major franchise at a critical moment in your company’s development, consider a new overseas supplier, or seek a merger or acquisition. Just as most people prefer to find an accountant, lawyer or tradesman based on a direct referral from a friend, you’ll want to make business decisions based on solid evidence.

Blackhawk Investigations Loss Prevention Team

Enter Blackhawk Investigations. We can undertake both open and covert (but legal) background checks and enhanced due diligence. We will constantly tailor our enquiries to fit your needs – and budget – and produce a cost-effective yet comprehensive report.

Our mantra is cost-effective loss prevention. Not only do we use multiple sources to investigate and analyse the business and financial history of an individual or organisation – private databases, sources rarely used by lawyers and accountants, insiders who know the person or business – but we can also help you build a loss prevention culture.

Even if you call us because you are already in crisis from a sudden dip in income, a theft or a large loss, we can help you put new procedures in place and train your staff to carry them out.

Have you set up regular audits, inventory observations, staff awareness courses, incident resolution training? Do you reevaluate existing programmes? Have you taken steps to protect your brand and copyright? If not, we can advise on how to build in these vital checks and balances.

All businesses need to speculate to accumulate; Blackhawk expertise will give you the freedom to do that.

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