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Looking for some help tracing an asset or even a person; talk to Blackhawk Investigations London, we’re tracing specialists. We’ve helped companies and people in a variety of situations arising during the course of business or for that matter personal relationships, that required the whereabouts of either property or people to be ascertained.

Asset Tracing

The issue of tracing assets does not hit the regular news that often unless it’s a toppled dictator and then the hunt is on for the inevitable millions or billions they have spirited away into overseas tax havens. Whether it be Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, who was suspected of hoarding up to £30bn, Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), Saddam Hussein (Iraq) or Augusto Pinochet (Chile), the wealth they and others have accumulated can keep asset tracing specialists busy for years.

For most individuals and companies though, those at “sub-dictator” levels, assets can include property, directorships, corporate and offshore assets, intellectual property and, of course, cash. But before you make any attempt to recover property or money through the courts, the golden rule is:

Asset tracing can be a long and painstaking business. You could be facing large-scale fraud and theft, the culprit may have hidden assets behind a sham company or a secret trust put into the names of nominees or placed in obscure overseas jurisdictions. The assets may be quickly changed into another form of currency, a precious metal, artworks even.

An Array of Tracing Specialist Services

If you are involved in suing somebody then it’s likely at some point you’ll want to track them down, if they have absconded.

If you know where they are, but need some awareness of their activities that may assist in the recovery of any property of monies awarded by a court, you’ll need some form of surveillance.

When you do catch up with them and want to present them with any court outcome, you’ll need a process server to serve the legal notices; assuming of course, they refuse to talk to you directly.

Some assignments we perform for clients can utilise all of these services, particularly on asset tracing assignments.

Blackhawk Investigations’ Specialist Tracing Team

Blackhawk Investigations London has a dedicated in-house legal team and digital forensics experts who have long experience in knowing how to extract, preserve and present evidence acceptable to the courts. Make one mistake in handling it yourself and it may become legally unacceptable – and you can lose your case. We also work regularly with law firms and insolvency practitioners, use our foreign networks when tracing assets overseas and are known for our commercial, cost/benefit approach to clients.

To talk to a professional Tracing Specialist, about asset tracing or one of our other tracing services, please contact our London office by telephone for a confidential discussion or use the secure contact form on this page.

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