Due Diligence

Entering into new business ventures even with companies and individuals you know, is always associated with an element of risk, often quite a large element. Effective due diligence is an essential process all companies have to implement.

At Blackhawk, we believe due diligence isn’t a one off process; to us it’s more a corporate way of life. To us, having effective due diligence processes in place is a form of continual risk assessment.

New business ventures are not the only circumstances that warrant processes that close scrutinise another party. It often involves people too, such as the appointment of a key executive or a regional representative appointed to look after your interests in a foreign country.

Deeper still, ensuring your own company is not being exploited from within, is critical in the fraud pervasive business world we all operate in. Employees can unwittingly fall prey to unscrupulous fraudsters resulting in the company’s exposure to criminal activity.

And then there are those who would deliberately seek ways to unlawfully benefit from you own business operation by manipulating the supply chain or internal processes.

Blackhawk’s due diligence services cover both pre and post transactional events.


Our Pre-emptive services help clients identify, understand and plan for risks associated with a pending business transactions, such as a merger, an acquisition or an investment.


Post-transactional due diligence services are there to assist clients that have experienced problems and now need to in identify what went wrong and how to recover from the situation.

Entering into a new business opportunity with eyes fully open and a sound understanding of just who your doing business with, not only makes solid business sense, but also provides for effective leverage in valuations and negotiations.

The different Elements To Blackhawk’s Due Diligence Service

International Due Diligence

International business transactions add a significant and complex extra level of risk to a company’s operations. Performing due diligence on an international scale requires considerable professionalism, excellent contacts and a solid base of experience in pursuing investigations through foreign systems.

Blackhawk has developed over many years a base of trusted resources. We also have an office in Israel with considerable security and investigative resources at hand. This enables us to pursue many types of investigations, from corporate fraud, reputation research to asset tracing and recovery on an international scale.

What Can You Expect From Blackhawk London’s Due Diligence Services

Our goal in offering enhanced due diligence services is to Empower Our Clients. Gaining a full view of the circumstances and risks a business transaction represents enables our clients to maximise the potential value of the transaction and downsize the risks involved.

All our services reflect the highly confidential nature of our clients business dealings. As such all our investigations are conducted with the highest level of discretion, professionalism and regard for ethics.

We go to exceptional lengths to make sure our reports are accurate and thorough and that our processes protect the chain of evidence.

Additionally, you can feel reassured that Blackhawk is Data Protection Act registered company.

With Blackhawk at you back, you’ll have the expertise and reassurances your company needs to move forward with confidence.

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