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Blackhawk has considerable experience and expertise in providing cost effective business, financial and reputational background check reports in the UK and internationally. Our reports offer an invaluable way for business clients to make more informed business decisions in a world and marketplace which is currently rocked by financial scandals, greater regulation and where trust cannot be taken for granted.

The cost of employing the wrong person, or doing business with the wrong people, in damage to profit, business reputation, possible  litigation, or worst of all, fraud or theft, considerably outweighs the costs of background checks and such checks are increasingly used as a business tool by prudent businesses.

Our Background Check Service

We are generally retained by business clients who are dealing with an important business decision, whether in terms of financial or other value, perhaps dealing with a new client or supplier, especially based abroad, or in recruiting a Senior Executive. A very basic background check is unlikely to suffice in these circumstances.

Our clients are generally looking for a cost effective yet comprehensive report which checks a significant number of historical and current issues relating to the individual or business and often crucially, the individual’s business history and reputation. In addition to thorough record checks and analysis (which often leads to enquiries about previously unknown financial or other interests and connections), our reports invariably include human source enquiries of individuals who have connections with the person or organisation  and information obtained from sources is then generally further verified.

In short, our background check reports provide peace of mind and  a detailed assessment of possible risks, financial or otherwise, in a prospective business relationship. Another way of thinking about or describing this service is by calling it “Enhanced Due Diligence“.

We are able to provide detailed reports due to the competence and connections of our in-house team comprising financial, legal and investigative analysts. Our international connections have been established over a number of years and all enquiries are highly planned and discreet.

With a background check, there is a fundamental choice as to whether to advise the individual or company that a check may be commissioned or to obtain information covertly. In many cases, background checks should cause no objection from or difficulty to a genuine business partner. If they object to a request to co-operate (there are some checks which do not require express consent or co-operation) this will normally result in reconsideration by you as to whether to proceed with them before even incurring the cost of instructing us.

Bespoke Background Check And Reputation Enquiries

Many clients seek bespoke information and we are able to tailor our enquiries to a clients budget and needs and the value of the underlying business decision.

In addition to the obvious advantages of thorough, professional and speedy background checks, Blackhawk’s expertise saves significant time and resource. We have the experience and contacts to carry out the necessary checks on a fixed fee and time critical basis.

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