Business Intelligence Services

Whether making a business acquisition or trying to reduce the risk of fraud, acquiring data available to your organisation, analysing and interpreting it is critical to effective decision making in today’s competitive markets. Blackhawk’s team of business intelligence specialists can help you identify key data to make informed, intelligent and accurate ‘evidence’ based decisions.

Business intelligence (BI) means different things to different people and different things to different aspects of your business. At its core though, business intelligence is about identifying and acquiring key data the various elements of your business generates – or is exposed to by its operations. This includes not just the data your own company creates, but also data associated with your competitors, market environment and customers identified through market intelligence initiatives.

Big Data Applied To Your Operation

Often referred to as ‘Big Data’, when analysed and interpreted, it can allow the management in your company or organisation to make more intelligent strategic and operational decisions – right across the company, from sales and marketing to operations.

Armed with an accurate understanding of the data, how it is managed and applied can help your company respond quicker to change in your own business and market place. It’s also somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy, as the better the insight and understanding of your business and its environment the more it will enable you to improve the effectiveness your business intelligence infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Means Being Forearmed

During the natural course of business your company may engage in a variety of business transactions, from your supply chain, distributor or partner appointments, mergers and acquisitions, to sales and marketing activities. Being forewarned is being forearmed and entering initial discussions or reviewing existing relationships with an accurate understanding of the elements critical to your position will significantly enhance a successful outcome.

How Blackhawk Can Help

This is where Blackhawk can provide valuable assistance and insight. Blackhawk’s business intelligence service assists in acquiring, analysing and interpreting data in four main areas:

Better intelligence, analysis and management of business information can significantly differentiate you from your competitors and identify areas where your company is at risk from fraud. Talk to Blackhawk Intelligence on 020 7788 8983 today.

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