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Using a mobile phone every day has become second nature. The majority of us rely on smartphones to communicate with others, to surf the web, to save contacts, documents and spreadsheets – they allow us to have access to a range of services on the go.

With it being increasingly simple to access the Internet and store large amounts of data on a device that fits into a pocket, it has become equally easy for fraudsters to take advantage of you and your business with the help of mobile technology.

Blackhawk’s mobile forensic service aims to identify fraud that has been conducted on a mobile phone against your business. Our investigative services provide you with the evidence you need to prosecute the suspected fraudster.

By having access to a legally seized mobile phone, we can work on recovering data and analysing it forensically. Since we use cutting edge forensic technology, the evidence that we recover can be used in a court of law should you choose to proceed with the litigation process. We can also work with you during litigation, providing the support you need to win your case against fraudsters.

The forensic data that we attempt to recover is usually located in four main areas:

SIM card

A mobile phone’s SIM card can contain a wealth of data including phone contacts, text messages, phone call information, email addresses and network information. This data can point in the direction of fraud and can be used as evidence against the owner of the mobile phone.

Memory card

Memory cards or built-in mobile memory can store large amounts of data from photo and video files to data from phone applications. This data can be analysed and presented as evidence in a court of law. The phone’s memory may also contain contact lists, information on calls made, received and missed, calendar details and text records. All of this can be used to determine fraudulent activity and can fill in the gaps if you suspect the owner of the mobile phone to be involved in fraud.

Enhanced mobile data

Many smartphones contain applications that have been downloaded by the user and contain specific data such as documents and spreadsheets. This data can be accessed and analysed to bring any fraudulent activity to light. In addition to this, the enhanced mobile data that can be recovered also includes records of connectivity, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, downloaded image, video and audio files, and emails.

Deleted mobile data

Even though it’s been deleted, a message or document on a mobile device can still be recovered. Typically, after a file has been deleted, the memory space of this file becomes available and can be overwritten by another message or document. In this situation, it is key that we access the device as soon as possible to extract and record the data before it has a chance to be overwritten. It is therefore important to access these files forensically in order to preserve them and to use them as evidence if necessary.

Work with Blackhawk today

Blackhawk can help you to identify and recover data from a mobile phone you suspect of having been used to commit fraud against you. It is also important to realise that you must have legal access to this device before any forensic recovery can take place.

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