AssetsBeing a victim of fraud or theft is stressful enough, but having to locate these stolen assets can add to your worry. Blackhawk Intelligence have a team of asset tracing specialists who can help you recover your missing assets.

Whether these assets have been hidden behind sham companies or converted to avoid detection, we can locate them and allow you to take the next step in receiving these recovered assets.

What is asset tracing?

Asset tracing involves identifying and retrieving property or money via legal processes or negotiated settlement. Assets such as real estate, stocks and shares, intellectual property rights and money can all be traced.

Legal processes, such as litigation, that can be used to recover property or money owed, can be expensive. It’s therefore important to know beforehand if the defendant has anything of value that can be secured once a litigation judgement has been made. Blackhawk’s asset tracing services also include a pre-litigation report that can be essential in determining the assets of the defendant before the case goes to court.

Blackhawk’s asset tracing service

Blackhawk offers a comprehensive asset tracing service. Our aim is to compile and establish enough evidence on your behalf to ensure that you are successful in your litigation case. This evidence can also be used in a negotiated settlement as it allows you to support your claim and gives you a better idea of what assets the defendant has.

Our asset tracing service includes:

  • Site attendance

Visiting a defendant’s home or business address to determine whether or not they have sufficient assets is a vital part of our asset tracing service.

Our investigators can visit the scene, set up surveillance, or gain lawful entry if necessary, ensuring that sufficient evidence is collected to back up your case in court.

  • Property/equity valuation

Knowing if the defendant has any assets that they can liquidate, such as property, can help you in your litigation case. We can help you to identify such assets, value them and determine whether or not they have potential equity value.

This information can then be used to assess if engaging in legal proceedings is financially worth it.

How can Blackhawk help?

Blackhawk are experts in tracing assets, both in the UK and internationally. Our dedicated UK team are efficient and professional. They also have access to an in-house legal team that can advise them on matters regarding legal practices such as litigation.

Our international team is equally effective. They work with partners abroad in order to utilise local knowledge that is used to compile intelligence reports based on the assets that have been traced, which allow you to make informed decisions regarding your next step forward.

We understand that fast and reliable intelligence can help you to attain the compensation you deserve from the assets you’re looking for. We make every effort to ensure that the intelligence you receive contains legal and reliable evidence, thereby allowing you to use this in court proceedings. Blackhawk ultimately works with you to identify, locate and retrieve assets efficiently and successfully.

To find out how Blackhawk can help you with tracing assets, call us today on 020 788 8983.

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